Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Who knows where I am…

this was a supposedly long day, well it the end of it we were to be transported to somewhere that sounded like a house in the country..
not with this travel agent, it is a smallish hotel somewhere between where we should have been and will be…
i despise being transferred anywhere and after seven hours walking thru pleasant rural countryside, some uppys only one cafe , i had had enough.
done about 23 ks mainly up, so told David to ring the hotel to collect us. Mistake, should have told them to collect me and let him walk on…had to wait thirty long minutes for the vehicle operating as a shuttle, had been waiting somewhere else.
we got two mexican girls to tell the hotel where we were…hotel no speaka english..
We finally arrived, room choice by me based on biggest bath!!!
now have a lovely nest made up, found a feather duvet in the wardrobe…
not that many walkers, about thirty, plus a number who have walked to finistere and are now walking back to santiago….
we ordered what we thought was fritata for lunch, came out, chips, jambon and an omelette.
civil war for the afternoon in my interior….
tomorrow, walk to Cee, about 20 ks but down to sea level then up to 500 m…Weather is ok but probably wet fri and saturday.
Saw friesan cows today, big mothers..lots of muck being spread, lotsa smells…..
The sea comes into view tomorrow!!!!!!!!


  1. margaret you have been such a trouper.i have followed the road on google earth and it is such a long varied walk.look forward to catching up when you come back home.Thanks for sharing this. while unable to do it ourselves currently, it has been a privilige to follow your every day. thanks.vivienne

  2. Margaret, I’m done! Reached the Cabo Fero this morning despite the leaden skies and chill Atlantic gusts, and barely a soul or three to dodge below the lighthouse. But as to bathtubs and your fixation which I have acquired… I’ve got the doozy to beat all. A Pygmy suffering dwarfism would feel squished in this model which to match its fellow plumbing accessories is in a nauseous shade of powder blue. Not content to stop there the decor continues with a terracotta floor of multi concentric circles centered with a star-burst in white, while the walls sport a random selection of wild flowers and dandelions interspersed on an un-ripe avocado green tiled background. Oh have another cardboard vino tinto, the shower in the foot spa can wait. Enjoy your next 2 days and keep dreaming that outside this peninsular better cuisine awaits!! B

  3. staying in the goddam hotel there, total snafu with the bookings d is in town.
    i have snarled about being over the kitchen, of course they were loving and sympathetic….
    Poured with rain this am….

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