Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Serious cuss words here…..

We decided to catch a taxi to Cee then a bus from there to Santiago, still showery weatherwise.
All fine, but the 10 am bus was late in and the twenty italians from Lires were all volubly waiting…going to be a crowded bus…Bus arrived forty minutes late…
Lovely trip around the coast, some great beaches and not many people plus a few good sized towns. Bus nearly wiped out a car at one point but thought nothing of it….
Going inland there were some huge high bridges, one not quite finished, 400m was the cost on the project board.
Noticed we were careering around a bit, then a bit more, bus kept lurching to the right and the edge of the high bridge, then to the edge of a high pass, see title….
Someone went and checked on the bus driver to see if he was OK! yes, bus wasn’t though, oil problems, which was affecting the steering….
Half the passengers craned their necks to see the road, the other half , me included looked out the window..
very scarey last 70 ks as we crept wobbily along….very long 70 ks too.
When we finally arrived, d asked the driver what the problem was, told oil thingy etc driver was looking very shaken!!! ,

So , into Santiago,to get my certificate of distance, took forever, gave me one that said 990 ks, wrong! 705, finally got it sorted. D decided not to waste his time as there is an issue around santiago as a starting point for the Finistere camino, NOT an ending point. they are going to have to sort that out as the tourism industry on the point is becoming quite reliant on pereginos…
So after a bit of shopping, we headed for the yummy Parador alongside the cathedral…
Correct, no booking, see title… we walked around the corner to the other ‘hotel’ facing the cathedral, nice entrance, nice reception, got our keys, no luggage, never mind it will arrive.
went up to our rooms, minute, just room for a single bed, no bath, no tv, no nuthin, see title….
I stormed back downstairs, hissed and spat, no avail, walked off, heard the receptionist sniggering, stormed back told her not to be so damn rude as i am not deaf…
D phoned that travel agent, oh no, there is another part of the hotel, much better, lies, no other part. we gave up that battle but still no luggage..Oh no, you don’t get it transferred today as you are not walking!!! Cost 80 euro to get our bags to us!!!!
We were so …see title….man serving coffee in the communal dining roo, told me to smile, he got snarled at….
Place was full of pilgrims, all there for a cheap night. We had paid and paid and paid for a last expensive night and the booking description from the agent, said enjoy the parador!!!!
So funny really as i had told the irish we were staying in the parador, would love to have met up with them again to tell them what really happened!!!!
From five star expectation to one star reality….having paid for the former, cock of the walk to feather duster!!!!
Oh yes, and the shower did not work!!! All very clean, but lousy breakfast as well. we went out!!!
Caught a taxi to the airport slept across the channel, did a marathon run on train and tubes, d carried my heavy bag and his, THEN we hit London, walked from Euston where we left the luggage.
Went to the Portrait Gallery, my favourite, great WW1 exhibition on, then went to the top of Selfridges where there is a new BBQ bar on the top, receptionist took one look at us and said they were full, but D charmed her into letting us in for a look. Like a roof garden, and full of beautiful people.
Then we found St Christopher’s place, a little opening off oxford St that opens into a very sexy little shopping area, restaurant area etc, very old and nicely restored. large glass of wine then back to Euston on the train to Liverpool. A very full five hours, London was looking beautiful, lovely sunny day, royal garden party on so a few ladies in funny hats around.
arrived in Liverpool two and a half hours later , very fast train, to be met by gill and Ilaria, bot knackered…..
We weighed ourselves this am, d lost 2 kgs, i lost 500 grams!!!


  1. So glad u are safe and back in civilisation . Makes our second little cruise to Tonga and Fiji very insignificant,
    . Off day after tomorrow really looking forward to hearing of all your adventures when u get back. Take care for the rest of your journey x J&J

  2. Hi Margaret…
    nice to be able to catch up on your travels. We have had no internet access for a week , so now know you are safe and survived the WALK.
    take care and enjoy the rest of your hols.
    Were just making our way across the States, and due in New Jersey tomorrow…
    wonderful scenery and great weather.
    take care and love Jan & Garry

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