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Luck of the Irish

….not really, we walked all day with an irish father and son who we have walked with before…it hissed down with rain, but not all day. lulled one into taking off the top layer then bucketed down again.
I had a nice walk into finsiterre from cape finisterre, about 3 ks but took the kind to motorists route which was on the other side of the barrier, fool, was wet and barrier too high for me to climb!!!!
Almost had wet feet before i began. met david in town at almost appointed time. he had pizza for dinner i had stuffed cuttle fish which tried to reincarnate about 3 am….
So a bit tired today, do not know spanish for electrolytes….
Walk today, about 17 ks was very pretty, a few damp pilgrims about but not many. very rural and some nice foresty bits thru trees.
franco planted all the gums, after cutting down all the oaks which had been there for centuries.
Both cee and finistere have architecture that is different to what i have seen, napoleon burnt the towns down so what is there now is early 1800…Quite austere, not quite georgian , just plain three storey houses…

david and gavin the irish son walked together and eddie? the irish dad and i walked together, behind…..I think we understood about one word in three each other said!!!

we were happily chatting away when a motorbike roared out of a drive and did a slow keel over. Young boy, big bike, Eddie has had open heart surgery so guess who helped idiot young spaniard lift up his bike….suggested he put the bike back in the garage until he grew into it….two minutes later he roared past us. a minute later we found the two sons waiting in a bus shelter. gavin could have lifted the bike with finger, has size 14 feet!!!!

onward to the hotel, have a room at the top of the house, really it is an overgrown house in the middle of a tiny town,only room with bath, but the water was cold!!!!!
sole source of industry in the town is a trout farm! just beyond that is the sea….Town is called liras

last walking day tomorrow to Muxia about 20 ks which will make a total of about 700 ks. not a blister and my shoes are still intact.
…and i still dislike most hoteliers and their ilk, have certainly not learnt to deal with them charm and diplomacy!!!!!


  1. keep it up Margaret……..were still reading and enjoying your blog.What are you going to do when the walking is over????
    love J & G

  2. uk for a time then have a booking for cyprus, then a cruise to greenland and iceland then home and back to two gardens…

  3. Spanish for electrolytes is just “Powerade” or Coca Cola!! It will work fine.
    Enjoy the last day on the trail.

  4. cheeky tart….

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