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Laundry day

actually washed my sheets today and hung them out the hotel window, plus assorted socks, knickers etc…
nice sunny day but a little cool. Rain, heavy is forecast for Friday.
We set off tomorrow for negeria, about 22 ks away. just looked at the profile, my heavens there are a lot of uppys. may take some ibuprofen in the morning just to prepare.
two much needed relaxation days here in santiago, sense david would like to have left today but fear I would have been naught but a bag of bones on the road.
last night we had dinner, average, with brian, a german couple and two nice german women whom I have travelled with for the last several days. You do not always walk together but tend to meet up for coffee at the various cafes, they are usually leaving as i arrive.
It was very nice to have a final get together and everyone felt quite sad about parting. interestingly we were all coughing, little dry coughs. i also have a runny nose, dust.
that is the odd thing about the camino, the short but intense relationships one has with other walkers…
Did not have that down south but it gave me time to think about and resolve lots of things which I would not have been able to do in company. Too much energy spent just walking and talking no energy left for introspection.
So, mass yesterday, left before the swinging of the senser so after a late breakfast we went back for that today, great, such a spectacle as this buge, about a metre high and probably a metre diameter large silver salt shaker thing full of incense is swung higher and higher and in a wider and wider arc across the nave of the cathedral. takes about six men to get it swinging,
the church police give up on the camera ban at that point. Not quite so many people around today. The town was heaving last night.Must be an odd place to live with this huge i flux of new people everyday…population is 100,000 with 20,000 students.
David went out sightseeing this pm while i returned to the hotel for a nana nap and more washing.
now about to go out and get me another certificate from the church of St Francis as it is 800 years since he did a pilgrimage here….then off out to dinner, yellow soup probably plus something with potatos….

later… the St Francis cert, very nice, walked thru a very well mannered protest about the monarchy and things in general, King notified us all today of his abdication and there were protests today in many cities. Santiago’s was very polite.

had a pleasant meal, mussels, veal steak, chips of course and almond cake… Must be getting accustomed to low key food…..
David uncovered a very large beetle thing resting in my bag!!! very humane, he never killed it….



  1. Shirley Anderson

    June 3, 2014 at 5:23 pm

    Where does this marathon actually end? I thought it was Santiago, but you are off again!!
    Do you know what the ubiquitous yellow soup is made from? Seems to be a favourite and I’ve be wondering what it is.
    You must feel gratified to have done so much on your own, hope walking with D is a benefit for the final stage(s).

  2. Where’s a picture of the beetle Dave??

  3. yellow soup is probably lentil based and then has bits of their large cabbage tossed in. in Spain they do a green version, probably split pea with spuds and green stuff tossed in.
    we are now doing the camino finistere, down to the sea and sort of round, about 125 ks.
    Then by bus back to santiago and out to London..,sometime next week, will have done 700 ks..
    nice walk today, not many people, lovely trees and one god awful climb of 500m.
    now drinking beer and eating pommes frites…well it is four hours to dinner….

  4. Sorry Greg, no picture, it was far to fast and nasty…

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