Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Last day walking

After a reasonable nights sleep and a good meal, razor clams and octopus, both sleep and food being OK was quite rare so all was good.
BUT it was hissing down with rain again. Sod it on with the gear and i set off, leaving david to catch up..
Got lost twice getting out of lires, walked to the trout farm, thinking going out would be on the same road as coming in, wrong! roads were creeks with water sloshing around my boots, back up the hill to lires, another wrong turn, and forty five minutes wasted…Pooh sticks!!!!
Eventually headed out, nice and quiet road, tree lined walk, over a bridge which used to be just stepping stones, way, way under water today…David caught me up just after the bridge, very surprised to see his hobbit bobbing along. he also took a wrong turn getting out of that tiny town and we later discovered the Irish had too… blame the rain.
I t eventually cleared up into the sunny day that had been promised. we walked thru little hamlets and passed pretty little valleys, lovely part of the country. Not a coffee shop to be found.
We came back to the sea, about 2 pm,i had started out at 8.30 am, lovely beaches and nobody on them.
Saw fifty Fiat bambinas on a rally, painted all colours with wild horns, very funny…
J ust after that a tall woman with a large pack stamped past and made comment about davids small pack, His response, “its OK , my mother carries our luggage,” i still had my cape on and looked like i had a huge pack underneath… she never replied.
not long after got too warm, so cape came off. i am still carrying the umbrella i bought in ponte de lima, keep it dry under my cape!!!!!

Finally fell into Muxia, surrounded on two sides by the sea, one side wild ocean and the other calm harbour. We are staying on the calm side in a hotel looking over the sea…sounds nice but run by two really weird people, who outdo john cleese.
i was charged twenty euro extra for a room with a bath big enough, almost to bath in, then when we went out for a walk, was given it back….
Again this town was ravaged by boney so mad architecture…
Also, strange but trues, lots of pohutukawa trees planted in the civic plantings, one even in flower. saw one in Porto as well…
so all over bar getting back to santiago and london then liverpool.

I feel much calmer than when i started but still have heart stopping moments when i realise T is not there and never will be again.
It was a really good thing for me to do, loved the church of christ in tomar, like to go back to coimbra, loved the quiet walks thru forests, when i knew where i was going…
Enjoyed the camarderie of people i met along the way. Tolerated the food, got to love chips, disliked many of the hotels, but overall a positive experience.
Also really grateful to the people who emailed me regularly, joss, joan, jackie, i know at times my replies were very grumpy , but i would have been worse without your support, keep on doing it!!!!!!


  1. Dear Margaret, Congratulations on your wonderful achievement, I feel most chuffed for you in reaching Muxia after your long haul up from Lisboa!! The depth and power of such a collection of experiences carries a catharsis which will work its magic over time, and therein lies the treasure of your achievement. Now I hope David has a decent sized tub for a prolonged soak? If not go to John Soane’s house and have them fill the alabaster sarcophagus!!
    Good luck with the remainder of this trip and stay well with peace in your heart, Metta,

  2. You need a big hug will give u one when u get home. Joe might too. . Luv xx

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