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dodgy tums and other things

another white meal last night,however one of the group from last week was at the hotel- can you call them that? So that was nice.
So cold, must have been about 4 C, this am absolutely chucking it down. walked for about three hours in pouring rain, d was not happy, T’s vietnamese gore tex leaked at the seams.My four pound cape was a treasure..
arrived in finnstre, beautiful dramatc landscape and just starting to clear, to discover that we were boOked in right out By the Cape by the lighthouse, another 3 ks…taxi !!!! 5 euros, only to find that only I was booked in, D was back in town.
Phoned the travel agent from hell, tough luck…David stamped back to town…I have a room over the kitchen with the lift and the kitchen vent competing in the noise stakes. Shit oh bloody dear…

anyway , we saw a robin on the way into town and yesterday i heard another cuckoo and Loads of skylarks…
Tomorrow is another short day, about 14 plus the three from here , to Lires, then to Muxia, Santiago and back to UK.
d has dodgy bowels, and my stomach is saying ENOUGH of this crap food, so english food will seem quite appealing.
I have just had a plate of expensive mussels and that is all they were, mussels in the shell, no dressing, no nuthin…
dinner tonight could be interesting, think it is at 8 pm, hotel is full of Americans, just too good to be out here don’t you think, nah, i x<#%%|| don't think that.

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  1. And my hotel was pretty nice although about 1k out of town. Lots of choice of food in town, opted for pizza šŸ™‚

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