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Cyprus and Nigel Kennedy

had a nice time in cyprus, with Catherine, Bernard, damith, Ceecee, Possum, hilary, Hyper, Jimmy ,leo, CEO, Motley, may have missed one, yes the light gray and the coon cat who wander by….
Everyone after Damith is feline. They lead a royal life being pampered by c and B, Ceecee the cat from taipei vis AbuDhabi is queen of the roost….the rest are the long legged local variety in all colours. jimmy was my favourite, son of the next door coon cat and very ginger!!!!
The first day in cyprus was very hot but cooled down after that, even put on a cardy. was just getting hot again as i left,now a heatwave with 40c temps.
Spent a lot of time nodding off, reading and eating and drinking.
Went to polis and walked along souli Beach for F and G…lotsa hotels there now but i can see why it appealed.
Went on a walk with the local walking group, up hill and down dale around the local village, about sixteen of us then back to c and bs for a pot luck meal. very pleasant evening.
Swam a bit as well, nice pool and nice garden, very quiet in the village and lovely at night, no traffic or trains.
landscape is very dramatic, lots of mountainous valleys, limestone everywhere yet good fruit is produced. C and b are pretty self sufficient fruit wise and have loads of thier own olive oil and eating olives, very good ones too…

Arriving back at southport at 2 am in the morning was a bit sobering, good old David picked me up and it was sooooo appreciated particularly as he was starting a new contract at 8 the next morning.

weather has turned drear since i arrived back so have mooched about, washing, eating, sleeping etc.
yesterday we went to Liverpool to the newly and beautifully refurbished public library, busy as anything. a guitar recital was on plus there was a protest!
We were sitting have coffee in the nice foyer cafe when in burst about forty people singing, they trotted up the stairs, sang a few more songs then trotted back out again. i nabbed one of them and asked what and who it was.,
Well, it was the Liverpool Socialist Singers of course, protesting about the shutting of small libraries in the area. songs they sang were old socialist favourites, the red flag, political words to the tune of Hokey Tokey, e.g They build the central library and keep the change thats why we want them out!!!!Chorus, OHhhhh-Tories are pollution, we’ve got a cool solution, bring on the revolution……etc etc… John Browns body got similar treatment, sample…..we must defend our services and make the bankers pay…,

I would have been with them!!!!!
We then went to a temple of consumption called Costco, a huge version of Gilmours but this one has everything from 20k diamonds to recycled string. most things have to be bought by the dozen, not the diamonds though and fresh food is bought by the item and vat free!!!! Food variety was great, i was slobbering …kg of stilton for 16 dollars….sigh….

Home and out to Nigel kennedy. My hero from way back. He played along with his polish Double bass player, polish drummer , polish acoustic guitarist and a single english guitarist a variety of music, from Bach to fats waller.
he is a consummate entertainer and can make the violin sing!!!!
Nowadays heavily into deconstructed music but great to hear just the same. i am looking forward to his soon to be released new version of four seasons. bound to be controversial.

Off to Litchfield to old friends next week then the cruise for two weeks to icy climes. i was casting around for something to do for the last ten days, London ? almost booked another cruise to Norway then Gill came up with the bright idea of the isle of man. So i am going to walk the 100 mile Raad ny Foillan, or the way of the gull or more boring still, the coastal path..
Will take about seven days and has many uppsys so will be a challenge. Will have to mend my slothful ways and get the wretched poles out again.
Today we are all going to clitheroe to do the In the footsteps of Tolkein, a ten k trot….


  1. no rest for the wicked.. you seem to get the essence of every town. love your blogs, thanks.

  2. home seems pretty nice from nearly six weeks off!!!!!

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