that is how it is pronounced.
I took the slow road today, well the short road really….
Only walked about 16 ks, gosh it was good, one of the best walks i have had.
David started from the hotel but I took the offered liftto a town called olly something.
felt fit, bag was light and the wind was to my side.
Rapid climb up to a moor, much like the desert rd…12 ks of this and the pereginos stocked up at the cafe prior to it as though they were never going to see a shop again.
Met a very old spaniard, who walked even slower than me, left him in my dust, most unusal.
happily marching along, saw a stone shelter, thought how nice, as I got closer, there was a church, small , on the other side. There was also a mini bus and bunch of old people like me, all out for a walk, maybe a local Probus group.
i said mean things about them and even took their photo, they all wore matching turquoise jackets….
let them head off, then carried on.
Great walk, high up, long misty views and THE SEA!!!!!
The last part was 500 m straight down a rocky incline, not that nice but OK.
arrived in CEE did the waltz of the rooms, small baths!!!
Even my knees were under my chin…
tomorrow out to finisterre , supposed to widdle down.then only four more nights.
today was highlight though.