Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Back by request…

Thanks to all those who have asked’ where are you?’
No, not in a looney bin, heaven’t run off with a gigilo, been knocked on the head etc…..just been lounging around really…

David organised an intensive programme of activiies, ranging from the BBC garden and Food show in Birmingham to torturing me by bicycle…
The garden and food show was great, loads of RHS gardens of a really high standard and loads of displays by various nurseries featuring everything from bonsai to pelagoniums. the poor old dahlia hardly got a look in….
The food component was great with lots of exotic gin being offered. we had a glass of the worlds most expensive champagne for lunch along with a crepe, both could have been better!!!
i was walked into Southport a couple of times, it is a pretty town, was/is a seaside resort that has its genesis in edwardian times…d lives in an edwardian mansion. Gill and Ilaria live there also, as well as Barry , a seagull killing machine cat….
Gill and ilaria would head off to thier respective schools then d and i would head out, often for lunch. in the evening we would torture Gill with fictitious menus that we had consumed that day at places she wanted to visit!
The weather was pleasant so it was a very enjoyable interlude UNTIL I was dragged out kicking and screaming onto ILarias bike…well not quite the above, but i did manage to avoid the bike until the day before i left for cyprus…
i wobbled down the road, think it is about twenty years since i rode a bike… got off to turn it around, after a few more wobbly rides down D ‘s street we set off.
Went out along the sea front, and thru a forest, very nice. my confidence improved but was somewhat dented when i hit a large bolt on a metre plus wide gate, have a stunning bruise…
every now and again when the going got tough, i threatened to disinherit david, he just ignored me…we did about 15 ks.
We caught the train back from Freshfields, they even have space on their trains for bikes. I did a bit of last minute shopping in Southport then wobbled back to davids, feeling very pleased with myself. D was not so pleased as he got a puncture, so proceeded back more slowly.

wednesday we were out and away to manchester where i caught a sumptuous Ryan air flight to Paphos.
Had a Scots couple next to me, they could not understand me and i could not understand them…
Catherine and Bernard collected me, and by 9 pm i was drinking wine in the balmy warmth of kappelia …
Mooched about thursday, hot as hell, about 36 c, even had a couple of swims…
Cooler yesterday, no swims, today ,still overcast but warm… i am overcome with warm weather inertia and doubt if I will stir from here till Wednesday when i go back to UK.
c’s hip is healing well and i am enjoying life with the luxury of a house servant….
Today, Owens we are going to Souli beach for a look….
i am only here a week as Nigel Kennedy is playing in southport next saturday….


  1. Graham & Fiona

    June 25, 2014 at 9:24 pm

    Hi Margaret.

    We are thinking of you having to go swimming in the Med and having those hot sunny Med temps with clear blue sky’s and then on top of that having to try the local wines and eat at the local Tavernas…..wish we were there.
    Enjoy. Safe travels.

    Love Fiona and Graham.

  2. Love this one

  3. went to the Liverpool shop of lush and bought shampoo, thank you for introducing them to me,,met a iyoung man their who had spent two years in NZ . Hope the moos are ok plus family…..

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