Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures


Left Santiago at 8 30 am and got to Negreira on the way to Finistere, a distance of about 125 ks and lotsa uppys…at 3 pm
My word there was one today that went on and on and there is another tomorrow that is a 2.5 km stretch upwards and upwards .

However, the scenery was nice, oak and gum forest and very little traffic on the few bits of road we had to walk. plus, there are very few that walk this route, only the truly mad….
The weather was kind and we had our first coffee , our only coffee two hours out. other than that we ate stolen breakfast rolls, muesli bars, almonds, dried apricots, and peaches and yes, more cherries.
lovely big cherries, bought yesterday but david is right off them.. he is much better on hills than me, a few years younger, I remain the feel good factor with everyone passing me. except for a japanese girl who had a huge pack and one of those small circular clothes drying thingys attached to her shoulder from which hung, socks, knickers, bra and towel….see the truly mad…
weather was good,about 22 but cooled off as the day went on, promising rain on friday.
on our arrival in this most salubrious town, no idea what it is like,had a bath and a snooze, D went exploring AFTER scoffing a large plate of pommes frites with mayonnaise. David had a sald, I don’t eat healthy stuff anymore, why bother… I will see what i need to see on our way out tomorrow.
nearly 30 ks tomorrow…then a few days later, a 12 k day, oh the rationality of the worlds worst travel agent..
hope tomorrow is a bit easier, quite hard work today, think a two day break may not be a good idea!!!!
PS hotel is definitely communist state circa 60s, same architecture as my flat in china….
david has agreed that due to seniority I get the best room!!!!
last night at dinner, chinese hotel conference room style, seated about 300, there were eight of us, we had a true Manuel waiter. he scuttled, he muttered, he ran now and again, hilarious. we had green soup and roast pork, there was actually brown gravy on the pork thus breaking the monotony of white,,,
Also you will all be pleased to know that i have maintained my standards, wear my diamond earrings and make up – every day!!!,
PPS This pilgrims route dates back to the 1100’s…
Really it is because i want to see the sea!!!!

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  1. OH GEE!!!!
    you make us feel so bad. were exhausted after walking to the Marina and after running the gauntlet of hawkers , drag our weary bones back up the hill in the 36 degrees, to the sanctuary of the condo ….then a swim.
    You have achieved your objective and GOOD ON YOU for keeping at it.
    love J& G and E & D

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