Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

The sea, the sea….

First time I had seen it in nearly three weeks…yeah!
T and I walked along this coast and I well remember that although it is hot there is still a nippy breeze. hence the loads of portable wind breaks put up by the local sun bathing community.
nobody in swimming but saw one man who had been snorkelling, had five octopus, still writhing.
caught the train at 7.30 am and half an hour later was at the mapped starting point. Amazing, so was a young womna with legs up to her neck and Thayer , a Canadian who I walked with all day, we set the world to rights…..Hopefully we will catch up again.
It was lovely walking along the coast, white sandy beaches and good board walks PLUS golden arrows showing where to go…
Sunday , so the Portuguese eat out for lunch today, all the restaurants were busy then at about 4 pm the roads are full of slightly drunken drivers, walkers beware.
saw four other women today, all started from Porto, sensible things. No men!!!!
Thayer and i stopped for lunch, she had tuna salad, tinned unfortunately and i had grilled octopus, chewy, so that is the last octopus i will have..
had to head inland for my accommodation and it was about six damn ks away, gave up and got a cafe to call the Quinta where i was staying. read big house, owners need money… Put peasants like me in the equivalent of French gites…wonder what dinner will be
like. Son did an AFS year in wellington….
It was still 2 ks away and i had walked 23 ks, so enough was enough. Right under the flight path to porto airport…

Rubbish, well there is plenty of it and they have a system unlike any I know, large wheelie bins about every ten or so houses everyone throws in there rubbish and i think it is collected about every four days, very whiffy today…
Passed a place today with some paelo whats it writing, three letters, one is a norse letter, so very old coast line, some of the rocks are 125,000 years old…
managed today Ok, rest did me good…


  1. keep it up – sounds like you are in the rhythm now!!
    enjoying your daily chat – I am up early and just off for my LAST day of work – YEA!!!
    J & G

  2. 125,000 years old is yesterday. Do you mean 125,000,000 years old? Writing a book on this journey sounds like a great idea – do it 🙂

  3. no idea how many zeros, damn old anyway seemed to be the message.

  4. See someone else thinks you should write a book on the journey I suggested it way back. Xx

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