Currently chucking it down and did on and off all morning.
have bashed my way thru 25 ks but gosh it is slow walking. Left mr pompous twit at 6.30,fretted all ight i would not be able to get out of his damn gates, luckily he had only bolted and not locked them.
Dinner last night was about as different as anything could be from the previous night. Then i had free drinkies, nice host, good food. last night after having spurned his salmon, most people know i hate it, I actually got some skinny snitzel type steak accompanied by over boiled beans, plain spuds and sauted pineapple, not sure what the last was about. Oh yes had to buy a glass of wine, and meal was preceded by usual yellow soup.
There were three couples, german i think, anyway the husbands never shut up, they oohed and aahed over the salmon when asked by mine host how they enjoyed their meal, he never asked me, funny that. very plain would be how i would describe it….
One of the couples was above me, and spent the night getting up and down, up and down…
I was outta there, cannot decide whether to Trip advisor him or not.
bathroom was good but bed was disgustingly hard and whether the bedding was cotton or not it was bloody old. room , whole place, full of tat….
Walking early was nice, thru the countryside, nobody about for ages, thru some forest then some nasty road walking, nasty bends , had to hug the wall quite often.
took forever to do the last bit into barcelos, which looks like a trendy city.
I bought a pair of COTTON sheets, I have admitted defeat…current hotel is modern but austere and naturally has polyester sheets….
If and i won’t be, did this again, i would have two changes of clothes, some paracetomol, imodium and a sleeping bag plus little pillow and would use the pilgrims auberges dormitories usually, five bucks a night sometimes free…See why i wont be doing it.
The cotton sheet fetish is due to cancer sweats, t had them
as well, mine have never gone….
Tomorrow I am going by bus to Viana then to Ponte de lima, both places t and i liked, another day off but the idiot agents have put me four ks out from Ponte de lima. naturally i have had words with them. They also do not understand the concept of client.
Prick at the place yesterday was really a bully but typical, always my fault, wonder if i will be blamed for the rain….

Oh yes, all NZ’s old tv’s come here, flat screens have only be sighted twice.

Was surprised on Sunday to see water obviously from a washing machine running down the road in a small hamlet, well yesterday in the rain, some of the roads were quite soapy, must be where all the rural gray water goes, onto the road!