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Subconscious penitent…

Must be to be doing this, all those years of sunday school has scarred me forever!!!
two things, had my first good portuguese meal, at the cafe near the Horse place in Golega. Lorraine l if you are reading this, just down from my room was a dressage arena. The horses in the stalls all looked pretty damn fancy too.
golega is known as the horse capital of europe, yes i took photos.
Anyway, food, rolled shoulder of lamb around spicy sausage accompanied by a couscous green stuff and black eye bean salad plus baby roast potato.
Usual huge helping, they were wondering what to do for me for breakfast as i did not want to wait for 9am. yip, had the remains for breakfast and even had enough for lunch.

Took me an hour to find my way out of that damn town though, so got the hump and got a taxi,called by a service station attendant, and guess what, a pleasant smiling women, thank you T.
only went three ks till i found the route , then i walked and damn well walked. There was forest to walk thru, mainly up hill, lots of warnings in the guide book about poor signage, it was, got lost getting out, supposed to end up in a small town ended up on a bloody motorway. sometimes if it wasn’t for the trucks i would just walk the road.
The guidebooks cute we path detours add ks and ks on each day..
yip, 29 again today and maybe only 27C, seemed a smidgen less baking.
The forest had lots of amazing flowers, growing wild or planted years ago and simply spread, loads of rock roses, white, small and large and dark pink, orthingariums(?) bulb thingys anyway, heather, lavender which surprised me, rosemary, lavatera and little gentians..I was really surprised, even heard a pheasant but that was later. came upon three guys having lunch at the only tap seen that day, which was by one of those old communal wash places for laundry, lots in france..guys never spoke to me just kept eating, so I got my smelly lunch out and did the same.This was where i heard the pheasant, dont think they knew what it was. They packed up and left, one carefully packing all his rubbish away except for his sardine tin which he biffed in the bushes!!
Tomar looks a nice town, very medieval with lots of templar influences. SO today i am not walking the 31 ks to Alvaiazere but mooching around here this am then catching the bus, so there.
hip area a bit achey today but could be the hard bed. Place here is old and cutesy pie, T would have hated it, all uneven floors,,quite a few walkers staying, all moan about the guide book. i only saw one of them today. had dinner with an American who walks a camino every year, he thinks the food is great!!!


  1. Is this blog on New Zealand time? This entry is May 6th, same day I’m looking at it at 1:34 p.m. Ah – just seen in the bit above it says 7:05 p.m. so you must be 5 and a half hours ahead?? That sounds a lot for Portugal, I’ll check.

  2. O.K. just checked – as Portugal is only +1 hour GMT I guess your blog is on New Zealand time πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Margaret – loving your daily updates …..
    hope you get the rhythm soon and maybe find some company to walk with – I am sure would make the miles go quicker.
    Think of The Way =- are there any cyclists??? They would be cheaper than taxis!!!
    keep well and eat and drink plenty – luv J & G

  4. πŸ™‚ You write damn well!!! Love the way you are able to laugh at yourself. Keep drinking water, woman!!!! Good walking and better luck with the taxis!

  5. Keep up th walking and the navigating skills will follow……..compass?!!

  6. Shirley Anderson

    May 8, 2014 at 12:17 am

    The meal sounds great. When you talked about going the food was one of the things you were looking forward to! Where has it all gone? It would be okay to find a companionable person to walk with, just good to share the road and the frustrations with. But maybe you don’t want that: might make communing with T along the route more difficult? Overall it sounds incredibly frustrating so far, would think after a thousand years the path might be more obvious!
    Take care of yourself and the needs of the body which is churning over these miles. Glad to hear you are have a day to enjoy the town, be in the now as they say!

  7. i actually have a compass….

  8. T loved the food,all that meat….the pastries are pretty good but you cant live on them…

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