Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

St Johns Wood

Is the english interpretation of Sao Joao de maderia where i am now parked up in a non scummy bedroom…helleluah…still think the sheets are a mix though…. The man at the previous hotel in aqueda told me that plus we had a long discussion on peter Jackson movies, he has seen them all from splatter to hobbits….ya never know….
walked seven ks this am, five thru eucalyptus forest the rest along a disgustingly busy road, blew my firmly anchored hat off and nearly blew me over as well.
to hell with it waited for a bus, munching on cherries and spitting stones , cherries bought from a road side stall, they are yummy. Bus finally arrived and three euro later I was in the above.
The hotel describes this area as a suburb of porto, similar to staying in manurewa, tomorrow i am going to get another bus into Porto, twenty ks away…
So, back to the suckling pig of a few nights ago, had dinner with john Collins from Ireland, he got five pieces i got three, not quite sure why other than the gender difference. it was served chopped into squares, tiny, month old babes, these, served with crisps, not cooked potatoes and iceberg lettuce.
strange….not worth 20 euros ….
Also, heard cuckoos for about three days, and one day saw a gingery fox loping along…
Had a few cool days but now stinking hot again.
Dining out last night was in a very modern new restaurant, but as usual the Tv was blaring, they often have two so you can see it from anywhere in the room. futebal of course.
this was a very new purpose built restaurant and quite upmarket, had one loo, not flushed by previous user and the seat was up!!!
had an enormous steak with usual chips and salad. i am avoiding the salads as they do not process well for me…it was just an Ok meal. am hopeful of this place tonight, had an Audi load of silver fox business men arrive as i returned from a sorty to the small city centre, see a suburb..they were all pretending to be richard branson…
have three nights in porto but of course not at the same hotel. heaven knows why….
the company assures me that from Porto on all is signposted and wunnerful……

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  1. Shirley Anderson

    May 15, 2014 at 5:53 pm

    Been off-line for a few days. Wow! I continue to thankful I am here, not there, even though our temperatures have dropped and it’s much cooler! Is there an upgrade available? Apart from the obvious frustrations, is it what you expected?
    Are the wounded bits healing ok? The suckling pig sounds…..yuk and yummy- can’t decide which. None of the other meals whet my appetite much, I think you are doing well to keep going on them!

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