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Spanish wars…

Cynta called for me at eight thirty and we left my lovely bed, big bath(yellow water) and plush everything for the road.
we got directions , Cynta can speak spanish and my goodness it helps. we made good time and route was easy to follow as loads of people in hi vis vests were going the other way, to fatima..Gosh that is big business, everything is transported on, they have support vehicles, even an ambulance.
They are not that impressed with our saying we are going to Santiago and try and entice us to join them, fatima is Portuguese not a shifty spaniard…
walking along we spied a man just off the road trying to get a van to start, he waved us down to help him push, me, a dwarf and Cynta disabled in the arms…yeah…
we yelled at a couple of fatima men to come and give us a hand just as a mean lookin old bird appeared and told them in spanish not to…much debate, they didn’t…we decided they had little backbone, old spanish dame gave us a withering look and stalked off.
we pushed again, and lo and behold the van hiccuped and gasped and started. young driver showed his appreciation in a most unusual way by giving us three pairs of socks each, mens!
i gave mine to cynta as she is a bit low in the sock department.
we simply could not believe what had just transpired, truly strange…
we walked on, thru some woodland and thru a village then onto the damn road again, knowing we were correct as fatimaites were coming towards us..
About one pm, sixteen ks on we decided we did not want to walk in town so waited with some locals for a bus. Hopped on and when we got to coimbra, about five minutes away and three dollars, we were far too smart to get off at the stop we thought we would go all the way to the depot, thus finding out how to get out of town by bus. walking in semi industrial areas and suburbs is woeful. However, bus just turned around and started back the way it had come, we leapt up but too late, back across the river standing wobbling in the aisle with our packs smacking at people…we finally got off and walked back to town over the bridge, river is mendego..
My hotel was right there, looked good but a very tired old beast, again T would hate it.
we had hamburgers for lunch and cynta set off after that, she has to keep going as wants to be in santiago in two and a bit weeks.. i am here tomorrow..
sad to see her go as she was such a character and such good company.
hot again after a cool start, at least 28 c, tomorrow is the same.


  1. Great posting. Nice to hear you had some good company as well. Pleased you have the mueslei bars in your pack too.
    Keep up the writing. You are very good at it.

  2. Shirley Anderson

    May 10, 2014 at 10:50 pm

    Just looked up Hotel Astoria, as you say looks very historic and lovely!! Beware internet hype and spin as they say. Hope you have a great day off and relax and enjoy the place. What are the main types of dishes common in Portugal? You know, like paella in Spain, spaghetti and pizza in Italy. Is their cuisine very different to Spanish? So far doesn’t sound inspiring.
    Liked the photo, roofs are always interesting aren’t they. The colours, textures and juxtaposition of shapes and sizes with the spaces and shadows between.

  3. meat, meat and more meat, potatoes and rice together, odd bit of salad, iceberg lettuce with a bit of tomato in it. lotsa pork.
    Creamy eggy desserts or pastry, nothing subtle and very few vegies though at the Pousada i had green beans,
    have two bed bug bites from this damn place, one on my lug and one on my upper leg…plus have atick bite from peeing in the grass.
    pharmacists said watch the tick bite…
    coimbra very pretty and very old….

  4. Loved the story about pushing the van -unbelievable!

  5. i did not think we had a hope in hell of getting a push start. not only did we push it down the damn slope but we pushed it back and down again. i initially had trouble getting over the barrier from the road down to where he was parked, at one point i was straddled across the top of the barrier, had great difficulty getting the second short leg up and over. cynta with her long legs thought it was hilarious!!! …

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