Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Snapdragons and snivels

After breakfast with a rugby mad retired Japanese professor I set forth for mealhada, 24 ks away.
cool to begin with then warmed up. Nobody else walking until about two hours in I stopped for a widdle then Albert the dutch man went past…caught up with him later and had a late lunch in s supermarket with him, i had fries and rice, seemed safest…
saw loads of wild snapdragons this am but the wildflowers are disappearing, but peoples gardens in front of their houses large and small seem to be a riot of colour. great vegie gardens, well loved and tended.

Into grape vine territory now and more olives.houses seem plainer too, no bright blue trims here…
walked thru a eucalyptus forest and suddenly really wanted a terry hug, snivelled away for ages…
Then sat at a bus stop with an old man who kept nodding off, refused my offer of some blueberries, he reminded me of t as well, more snivels…
Anyway he would be glad he is not here to hear me moan about the almost polyester sheets and all but sleeping on a motorway, and I just heard a train go by…
Must get these travel agents to do an itinerary for someone i really dislike….
Oh yes, took three days to finish the nicked bread rolls, still tasted ok so obviously nowadays they add something, in the past they would have been like rocks…
agueda tomorrow, all 26 cursed ks of it…
This is month old suckling pig territory now t would have gone for that…..


  1. Warm loving thoughts from friends no substitute for a Terry hug – but you get them anyway.
    Take care

  2. thanks, just grumpy today, no hot water this am and the travel group are idiots…..

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