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Was the end of yesterdays walk. Quite nice, thru lovely oak forests, t would have liked them,a few ups and downs but i got to pontreveda about 2 pm.
Started walking with the Australian but had to do a quick and longish trip into the bushes, very edgy about long grass now after the tick bite!
So walked all of yesterday on my own, quite damp but not seriously bad, had the cape on,with the umbrella tucked into my back pack.
Before getting to pontrveda there was an alternate route along a river , read creek to us, i took it, lovely, all green and nice and nobody about. The camino is becoming increasingly populated at this point. thought the short cut was only 2 ks but when I turned the page of the guide book, thinking i may be lost, discovered it was 4.4 ks..
Coinciding with my arrival into downtown pontreveda was a group of English school kids coming out of a cafe, now the yellow arrows denoting the way are coming thick and fast the nearer i get to Santiago, one kid asked the other what were the arrows for, some religious crap for nutters like her says the other…
i put on my most pious face and crossed myself before crossing the pedestrian crossing…Religious nut indeed, just because i look like a hobbit in the cape…

hotel looked fine, until i saw I had no bath, asked for another room, shown one with a bath but did not end up with that room,think it may have been a better category, remember i am travelling with the worst agency in the world, ended up back on the same floor but one with a bath..
went and had lunch in the hotel, quite nice, smug with satisfaction I was going to have a yummy bath.
Wrong! bath was pygmy size, i could neither sit nor lay in it.
was in such a rage , got out, threw a sarong around me and stormed downstairs. Luckily for the staff there was no public there, i dragged a staff member back to the room and demonstrated the uselessness of their damn bath. demanded the other room, oh no, peoples were now in that.
fired off a review to Trip advisor about the hotel catering for pygmies, don’t think they will publish it.
shifted my bed to the opposite wall in the night as the man next door was snoring in my ear.

So, to today, absolutely chucking it down with rain, ALL DAY and 24 ks to cover.
Headed out of the hotel about 8 am , now the world duathalon champs are being held three runners went past, looked at me and said Oh jolly, i replied oh Super….
got out of town and just as i was crossing the road along came my Aussie from yesterday.
we powered on thru the rain, covering the distance in less time than if it had been fine, too difficult with all our gear on to take photos. I had overtrousers on under the cape..feet got slightly damp that was all.
Two coffee stops and we were here at 2.30 pm. waiting for david to arrive, he emailed to say he was on a bus from santiago…
Guess who has the room near the lift, me i would have sneakily swapped if i had known. BUT the bath was almost big enough.
Plus i am gradually getting rid of the tick!!!!
Only 40 ks to Santiago, a day off then another 120 ks to finistere…hope it fines up…
But i do not want it too hot!!!!!!
Oh yes, now in calais de reis


  1. 160 Ks to walk. Can we have a reminder how many you have done.
    You are a legend not a religious nutter!

  2. Shirley Anderson

    May 30, 2014 at 12:01 pm

    What memories you are making!! For yourself and also for everyone else. Perhaps your pious face will remain with those youngsters and who knows what it may bring into their lives?
    I find I am really looking forward to an end to this pilgrimage, the agony goes on…and on…
    You must be so slim and fit by now there will be no keeping up with you when you return to NZ.
    You will, at least, have company for the remainder.

  3. i think it is about 560….i have calf ?calve . muscles like a body builder….
    looks wettish again today….

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