Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures


well 26 ks from Santiago and we have decided not to fiddle about with another stop in a dreary hotel in a dreary place.
Teo may not have been dreary, will know tomorrow when we walk thru it….
We are going straight thru to Santiago, about 26 ks…
The, travel agent of course was so co operative, no refund just another 130 euros for a nights accommodation in Santiago…They are such dogs, David dealt with them, me snarling in the background…. now who is the dog here…
Todays walk was around 20 ks and after yesterday’s 24 plus k was a bit stuffed.
poor old david had to wait while I did a semi public dive behind a small church, realised at one point my bum was exposed to the passing public, luckily there were few public about, only pereginos who David said looked at him very strangely lurking in a churchyard at 8 am…
weather was kind today, and the walk was pleasant. A couple of climbs but not much..
Loads of pereginos emerging from the undergrowth now, make Santiago by saturday, mass sunday noon then home to wherever….
Our australian , he is now ours of course has been with me/us for three days, we sometimes start together then he goes faster and we catch up at a coffee stop. have had meals together three nights in a row, all of us wondering where the nice spanish food is…think when we have half board, dinner, bed and breakfast, the standard is pretty low.
It is interesting though how you keep seeing the same people thru the day. there is a largeish group of italians, gee they are loud, but they are faster than us, even the woman with the handbag and severely made up hair and face….
The coffee stops at the little cafes that have sprung up by the camino paths are so useful. Good coffee, will make you a sandwich plus they save us all diving into the bushes. They are always run by families, Grandma is usually in eveidence directing proceedings from a seat near the rear, then there will be a youngish female or male and usually a child or two. some are very simple, just a caravan with an awning, but gee those cash registers tinkle throughout the day. The walkers must bring in a large share of the galician GDP…
i make people feel good, they can always pass me….
Hotel is miles out of padron, by the railway station,,,oh yes, very choice.
we went to climb down off the platform,taking a short cut, guess whose legs were too short and stiff to get down, had to walk to where the platform got lower…
have applied liniment stuff tonight, first time for ages…
not really looking forward to the haul to santiago tomorrow, but staying in the same place for three nights has appeal then a long haul of six days to Finistere.
food seems to have i proved marginally, have eaten loads of cherries….
seems to be warming up again, i am sockless….for dinner…


  1. Kate and Leigh

    May 31, 2014 at 9:20 am

    Hi Marg – you are beyond intrepid, good on ya. All well back here, cruise was great, no tics to worry about.Take care out there. Lol, L and K

  2. David, Erin, Jan and Garry,

    May 31, 2014 at 12:13 pm

    Hi Margaret,
    Four Kiwis in the heat at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, send greetings, and are enjoying your blogs very much! We hope the travel is easier with David to share it with, you have indeed had a tale to tell!
    Coincidentally, we have a resort next door here called Finistere, a much shorter walk than your objective is though!
    Love, JGED

  3. Where have you been off too?

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