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O Porino la la la…

well,it sounds like a song title..
still cool here but at least there is no rain today. I have broken a cardinal rule of mine, never to wear socks with sandles butI am blowed if i am going to have cold feet at dinner….
yesterday i caught the bus to Vigo then caught it straight back to Tui…I simply could not be bothered getting from the bus station into town…sat with a young Englishman coming back, he teaches English in vigo!!! ,he is from Ealing and was surprised that i was there four weeks ago. I am amazed his students learn anything as i found him hard to understand at times..
First time i had spoken English in a week to a native speaker…
Had calamari for a late lunch and was violently ill a few hours later..
Anyway up and out this am with the aid of some sustalyte, and managed the surprisingly pleasant 16 ks to Porrino.
yesterday when i went thru i imagined it was all going to be industrial BUT the route has been changed and it now does a lovely rural meander…
got here about 2.30 pm.Room is ok, have made up my bed, dont even consider their bedding now just make my bed on top of it….
had a coffee en route, ouch 1.20 usually 60 p….yet yesterday had one for 60 p plus got a free palmier, a wafer bikkie, so not Spain just a rip off joint.

this town was established in the 1880s , all built on local granite. houses are made of it, even fences and the distant landscape in parts look quite lunar due to the quarrying.

So it occurred to me to comment on my daily activity, just to get David in the right frame of mind before he gets here on thursday hopefully with heaps of books, i am currently bookless. The Pereginos as walkers are called both here and in portugal obviously do not carry books, hence there are none in the hotels to swap!!!! Also no English language tv, currently listening to the Spanish equivalent of the concert programme..

Sometimes i get a good nights sleep, depends on how hard the damn bed is..usually very hard so i wake anytime between 4 and 6 am. try and hold off getting up till 6.
Then potter about with my many loo trips and getting the bag packed ready to be shipped on. Now have to fold my sheets etc and squeeze them in, plus put in my lunch supplies and my grog supply, makes for a heavy bag..who cares!!!!
off to breakfast, served anywhere between 7 and 8.30 am…usual continental stuff and sometimes bacon and eggs i do the meats and the rolls…usually pastries, i tend to scoff a couple of those…PLUS I feel it is my duty to filch at least one bread roll for my lunch and if i am lucky can sneak in a boiled egg.
Try and get away reasonably early, bag down to be collected and
backpack with lunch, prepared the night before and supplemented with stolen goodies.
head out, get lost usually at least initially but up here the markings are much better.

Stop after about two hours, sooner if there is a cafe with coffee, eat the roll and have a drink of water and head on, usually for another hour then find somewhere to stop for lunch, today it was on a pile of granite, when i drink some water eat my kitkats, dried apricots,and other bits, and hopefully some fruit.
totter on for as long as i need to, if it is a long day i will pack more kit kats and muesli bars etc, then stagger into the residence of the day. sometimes , no often, finding where i am going to stay is the worst part of the day, can take up to forty minutes, today was easy but the bigger the town the harder it is. Tui was a bugger though and it is a small town.
i then collapse into a bath usually with my book and a glass of wine…stay there until i am shrivelled but not aching, get dressed and if need be go out and get more supplies for my lunches. Today I bought, muesli bars, a nut mix, some peacherines, some cherries, some dried apricots and some almonds plus 1.5 l bottle of sparkling water which I drank over half, having drunk about half a litre earlier in the day…

then catch up on emails, have a snooze maybe , then have dinner and organise my pack , read lunch for the next day then fall into bed. may even do some washing, but usually when i first arrive so it can dry but am not averse to having washing flapping off the pack.
So, there it is , life as a Peregino….six days a week, this week, seven due to the ineptness of the travel agents…One 24 k day but the rest are about 16.. c


  1. Ooooo, sandals with socks, you have become a true traveller, Margaret. Comfort above appearance ( I would too). Good to hear that the rain has settled down. Just took a google tour of Tui which looks pretty. Had our first proper cold snap here overnight. Snow and freezing conditions down south but we got a stunningly clear night sky and a perfectly calm fine day. I walked the Mount track after a brief foray in to work then spent the day sewing at home. Very enjoyable – more enjoyable than working…!
    Keep up that magnificent pace – congratulate yourself every night in the bath with your book and glass of wine and if a hard bed is the price for this adventure then you will triply appreciate your own bed when you get home.

  2. Now does David say “bring it on” or “oh no”?!
    Good to hear the shape of your days. Your food foraging seems to be working well now.
    Have a good week.

  3. David says “Really? I agreed to this? Are you sure?”…. I think Gill is more worried than me. I reckon it will be fine.. Have just chucked a jumper in because Margaret promised warm weather and it has been cold and rainy 🙂

  4. dave, chuck in two plus goretex plus socks plus whatever, but i did get warm today- for a while…xx

  5. ….and again tonight, sandles and socks…

  6. Don’t forget the spare batteries for the pacemaker Dave 🙂

  7. David, you have to take something to wear that will embarrass Margaret as much as being out with her in sandals and socks! Maybe a pair of those eighties, Wellington walk shorts? Enjoy. J

  8. you are supposed to be my friend!!

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