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Metro is better….

mastered, almost, the Porto metro system , though 9 pm on a friday night was not the best time to do it.
had my day out on the river Duoro, bit boring lasted for 11 hours, nearly nine up the river then two hours back by train.
Spoilt a bit though by an idiot playing rap on a keyboard. I had to complain a few times and point out to the guide that the median age onboard was about seventy and not into rap before it was finally calmed down…guides comment was”Portuguese love it”, suggested he counted up the Portuguese on board.
Everybody got as far away from the keyboard player as possible which was not far on a small boat.
The grapevines don’t start until several hours by boat from Porto, and my goodness they are steep.
Quite a nice meal on board but upset my delicate constitution after a couple of hours.luckily there were enough loos for my semi permanent occupancy for a time went unheeded.
Decided that i would try the metro on my return to porto to get to the “new” hotel Managed it, even showed an American how to use the ticket machine…pointing at the name of the station got me going in the right direction, like London , easy
to go the wrong way if you are clueless about the names.

After breakfast today with the germin masses, headed off on the metro again to downtown porto.
made a classic mistake, spurned the best restaurant 17e and had octopus rice at quite a nice looking restaurant on a side street
Now after never having salt on tables since i have been here, this was the saltiest thing i have tasted almost ever…
When asked what I thought of the meal I said it was salty, was told portuguese cuisine is salty. i guess it is if you have salted cod, the infamous bacalhau, but this was just octopus…
I grunted and left , 11e, see should have had lunch at the famous Astoria, dammit….
Now rapidly working my way thru a litre of water…
Planning on lolling about, wshing, reading and plotting tomorrows getaway via metro to the start of the coast route. even the guide book suggest using the metro to the coast.
Feel better for my fre days respite even with the change of hotels……

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  1. Just got back from cruise to islands and I thought that was bad. Just finished reading your wonderful funny travel log, ten days , funny because I’m not there but hi think of the fab memories and laughs when you get home to nz I am sure you will appreciate it then, I can’t believe how determined and brave you are , enjoy reading every word. Good luck for rest of trip . Have you thought of finding a publisher and putting it into print, and dedicating it to dear terry. You are amazing. Take care best u can love

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