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So why do these supposed “good” hotels put incontinent covers on beds…last night i put a blanket off the spare bed underneath me…The reason this all makes me so mad isthat i am paying top dollar for this, the equivalent of two hundred a day, most of the hotels are between thirty and sixty euros a day, meals about 18 and transfer of luggage is about eight, you do the maths….This is what happens with pre booking from afar…
Tonight i am not sure what to do..have a room in a supposed Quinta decorated in orange, with polyester sheets AND an incontinent blanket, so looks like the only towel underneath me and a sarong on top…To add insult to injury, dinner is at 8 pm….it is now 2.45. short day today, only 12 ks but mainly on cobbles so damn hard on the it rained for most of it… Just found out breakfast is at 8.30 am, have 26 ks to do tomorrow.
The receptionist keeps saying in pinglish that someone called tony is coming and he speaks english….
Tony, came, he was an awful bully, determined the sheets were cotton, seeing he was wearing a polyester shirt i did not have much faith in his judgement…anyway in a slightly less hectic coloured room, but no joy with the 8 pm dinner or 8.30 brekkie…
trip advisor here i come…..
There is nowhere else to eat in Arcos which is the name of the hamlet this crappy place is situated….
Dinner last night proved to be quite good and i slept until 8.30 am so that must be good.
Finally got trapped into having bachalau, the salted cod.
In a fish pie sort of thing, OK but not worth having again…
Countryside now very rural, animals in barns etc, usually under the houses… probably very similar to the Spanish side from here on in….
Dogs now behind a few walls guarding the animals probably , but there was a great dane trying to get his jaws around me at one stage..
Stopped for a coffee, and saw one of the locals have a shot of something poured into his drink, using sign language asked to have a look at the bottle, made head blowing off motions and the bar tender nodded and said “si”. I had my coffee straight…


  1. Loving your blog, but you are not a happy chappy , more convinced than ever you write a book when u get back. Take care friend and enjoy the madness . Xx

  2. sometimes i am fine , just that the hospitality trade here has not got their heads around the concept of client!!!!!

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