Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

god what long long days

…particularly when you have not slept well the night before, even with my own nest…
Anyway was out of Porino by 8 am and tottered into inaptly named Arcade at 4 pm. About 24 ks done and dusted. Way markers are now saying 77 ks to Santiago.
Actually if it was Acadia it would be wrong. Unmemorable town and unmemorable hotel apart from the tobacco stench and the road noise.
Can actually see the sea but as it is an inlet does that count.
Nice and warm at times today, T would have enjoyed the oak forests but think the uppsys and downseys may have dealt to him, straight up to 350 m then straight down again…twice, the knees are a bit wobbly.
met a nice Australian,an, from towoomba, a music specialist, we chatted for a time, then he went on then we caught up again in Redondela, looked a nice place.
he was now my speed as he has a dodgy knee and the hills did for him.. So nice to talk a common language for a time.
Met some English people yesterday, they were immaculate, i think I was too wild west for them..
Now, the dogs…they are from a different planet to the portuguese ones, often just ambling along, and barely raise an eyebrow to my insults as i pass by their houses….such a nice change…There are even calm cats here….
Weather a bit dodgy but did not need a jacket but have two t shirts on… Only woman who has 3/4 pants all the rest have decently covered legs…
Had an all white meal last night,packet noodle soup, chips and chicken AND I AM PAYING GOOD MONEY for this crap…trip advisor here I come….
thats it another night without a book and no telly I can understand, may investigate Amazon i books…..
only 14 ks tomorrow…
forgot this, on the last uppsey just before arcade i suspected someone was behind me, there was, ten of them, with guns!!!!
there is an army race to Santiago, 100 ks in 36 hrs…they have only done 22 and some were hobbling. All nationalities,some US,some spanish, some whatever.. groups of ten so guess they decide where and when they sleep etc, full packs, but smaller than some pereginos… saw at least six more groups…
One had a very discreet widdle, i said i envied his useful equipment…not sure what nationality…
Oh yes, my pet hate, young people sanctimoniously carrying pilgrim staffs.staves. you know broom sticks…
One group got on my wick yesterday, never spoke to me at all, came across them having lunch,they did not speak so i invented a language and called out to them, you know the sort of thing” umscrtisky munga,click with tongue a time or two, yumpa do etc and walked on,no response but I had fun…
Actually the old men with the sticks are very prissy and to be avoided at all costs…
more napoleon crosses today signifying another beating…

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  1. Haha…funny about the Spanish dogs being better behaved than the Portugese dogs… I remember being amazed by the legions of flea bitten mongrels in Fiji. They all looked like Santa’s Little Helper on the Simpsons and were DEFINITELY not treated as loved family members! Keep it up Margaret you are nearly there. XO Sue

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