Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Fallen woman….

headed out this am bright and early, got lost immediately, think i go diametrically opposite to where i am meant to go, still thinking Southern hemisphere….
Anyway walking along and saw a ute with a spray pack, the 200 l jobs , on the back, man driving, woman spraying the cobbles for grass. Not far off was a man tying ropes on his truck that about thirty seconds before had showered me with dust when he turned around.
Anxious to get away from the spray i headed into the other direction, missed the kerb and landed, BLAT, down on the ground, wrists hurt, leg hurt, nail ripped, just lay there thinking i may be sick. woman sprayer came closer, gave me a look and sprayed in a different direction, male truck driver ignored me, man parked in a van ignored me. i eventually got myself back up, hands and knees job, NOBODY offered to help.
I was upset and furious, called quite loudly, Portuguese wankers as i stamped off.
Took me about an hour, no longer to calm down..
got lost again in a forest where there was a roman road and bridge, new bridge being built so markers were gone…plodded on, met a man who gave me some directions, sort of followed them, then realised I was going in the right direction but on the other side of the town I was meant to be in, Alba something, walking from Aqueda…
Ended up stamping along the motorway, asked what was pretty obviously a real fallen woman which way, pointing and saying the name, she pointed I went, wrong way, back again, another direction, by this time i am on the N1 going down an on ramp the wrong way, just think getting on the Auckland motorway near grafton gully and some mad woman is walking the wrong way!!!
huge relief, police car stops, apparently i was breaking the law(the guide book frequently directs one across the N1 and i have walked it before in desperation…).
nice policeman says he will take me to town, muttering about law breakers…he removed his gun from the back seat and i got in, reminded to put my seat belt on…I would never have found Alba whatsit it was bloody miles away. we were best mates by the time i got to town, two magic words, three actually, New Zealand and school teacher…four words.
he dumps me in town and tells me not to walk on the N1 again. lets me take a photo of his car but not him or his driver…..
Now i am bricking it as i have to walk from that damn town again tomorrow…

had my tick bite looked at this pm by a Dr, expensive, histamines and cream…

The countryside the last three days has been a mix of remuera, glen innes, penrose industrial area, cornwall park all interspersed with motorway…Im over this bit and still have two more days of it before a break in porto then along the coast…then head inland again.
things i have seen, woman dressed to the nines carrying a handbag and on her head one of the old style turbans and on that was balanced a crate the size of an old apple box.This was in downtown coimbra.
Women pulling small carts loaded with firewood, or loaded with feed for some hidden animals, men sitting outside bars….
hydrangeas are about to burst into flower….


  1. OMG!!!!
    I am so glad I am reading of your travel adventures and NOT there too.
    as you say it is NOT only Terry who would be complaining.
    Hope your wounds heal quickly and you find another companion to walk with.
    LUV J & G

  2. According to the book “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” (or vice versa) women read maps upside down. It works a treat for me much to Murray’s amusement, but I reckon you have to hold the map in the direction in which you are travelling, it is a no brainer. Try it, who knows it may work. Glad the tick has met his or her demise.

  3. used a bus for most of today only did 7 ks, six dollars bought me the rest.
    xxYou must be off in a weeks time?

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