Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures


…are the bane of my existence. i will be walking quietly along when all of a sudden the fence next to me starts swaying and a slathering hound is trying to get me. Combine that with a car playing matador with me as the bull and you get the picture…
usually the damn things start barking and crashing into the gates when i am about fifty metres away. When they are quiet i ask them if they have a headache…
cannot understand this need to have high fences and a guard dog and this applies from shanties to luxe….
Actually the worse the house the more and louder dogs they have.very few cats around and they all seem rattled…..
As to the matadors, I have had to leap out of the way of a car at least once a day…having seen the lunch time drinking I am not surprised, that two dozen walkers get killed every year….
Today was a 26 k slog to Aqueda, I am now terrorising the staff, am over cold water and crappy sheets. Told them that they say they are four star then act like it…
Had a 39 E call to the travel agency re tomorrows accommodation, all my fault of course, i did my “now just a minute who is the client here”…Upshot is they never noted on the itinerary that there were to be two nights here. Bugger, bugger, seems such a stupid idea walking to the next town to be taxied back!!!If there was more to do here I would not go…
Todays walk had more than its share of busy roads and industrial areas. however a man in a wine laboratory came rushing out and gave me a bottle of water and two apples.
Plus the signage is better here and people actually say Buon camino every now and again…
saw a kiwifruit orchard today, type kiwi hayward…had a barbed wire fence on top of a two metre concrete fence……
Only another three hundred ks to Santiago.
David, i told the travel agent he better be careful when you join me as you eat nails for breakfast….


  1. Enjoy reading your colourful updates and can picture you on the road.
    Itinerary etc sounds challenging but hey you must be about half way there …?

    Rosie xx

  2. nearly half way to santiago but then another 120 to finistere….
    On sunday in the eucalyptus forest i found a mate for the stone…Walking along snivelling away looked down and their it was …. so it travels in my sent on luggage and yours travels in my pack. they communicate by esp during the day….
    The bed bugs have caused a bit of aripple, took photos of them just in case, typical line of bites butm have other ones…The damn blanket must have been riddled.
    On tripmadvisor someone said that hotel should be pushed in the river, I agree….

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