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And still it rains…

plus the temperature was 10c yeaterday.
meal in barcelos was predictably awful. I am amazed that the portuguese can turn such good product into such crap food on such a regular basis.
If it was not for the fruit I buy myself i would damn near have scurvy, no, all the potatoes, boiled or fried would prevent that.
Barcelos is the town from which all those painted roosters originate from. apparently a pilgrim , innocent of course was hung for theft probably about to be as someone said to the judge that if the pilgrim was innocent then the cooked rooster in front of him would get up and crow, of course the damn thing crowed….

Anyway after a miserable little breakfast which saw the cook slowly bring in things like fruit and yoghurt, none when i arrived, a group of rumanian students staying who obviously did not get fruit or yoghurt, I left. The students were also at the restaurant I was sent to, they left most of their food too…

Asked at reception where the bus station was found it, too late for ponte de lima, next bus 2 pm, now 9 am and cold and showery.
Next i found the railway station, had to ask/mime, you trying being a train..Just caught the train to viana, an hour away.
Recognised nothing on the way in but the area around the station and the street to the sea where just the same except behind the staion is now a huge mall. Of course I had a look, usual labels.
Then down the street, to the statue that had so impressed t and i eight? years ago, took a couple of pictures, even saw the hotel we stayed at and a little street we used to find restaurants in. And still it rained…
Went back to the station and caught a bus to ponte de lima.
My word i was glad to be in a bus and not walking, hailed at one point…Took an hour to get to P, then the bus station was miles out worked my way to the old part of the town and its lovely bridge. Tried to get someone in two cafes to ring the number i had for the hotel out in the boondocks, no way, finally got a pharmacay to ring. taxi arrived, five euro later at a golf course hotel.
Why you may ask, well I asked the travel agent that on numerous occasions, loads of accommodation in town, perhaps agent plays golf.
mediocre dinner, prawns, two, bodies three, and a few pieces of supposed monk fish swimming in a tomatoey ricey gravy.., will have steak tomorrow night.
Argument as to who would pay the bill, included supposedly, i did not pay.About 10 pm my phone went, receptionist saying she had vouchers for my dinner, bit late really…
Three other couples in the dining room, think it is the club house, all germins…..
Bedding, well i have never felt such hot cotton, so simply put my sheets on top of their bed!
During my wet walk down to the old town, i recognised places we had been and today I will walk back to town and go over the bridge to where we stayed, an old Quinta but did not know that then.
One of the walks we did thru some wetlands is advertised in this hotel.
Weather is still shitty cold and wet, so glad not to be walking much today either.
Have been using the raincape i bought in Uk, great, put it OVER my lightweight wet weather jacket and stay dry as…Boots have been great, no blisters and have never had wet feet.
Think i am over halfway…

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  1. Shirley Anderson

    May 23, 2014 at 1:14 pm

    Well done to get so far on such limited rations! Will you be out of Portugal and into Spain soon? If so is there hope the cuisine will improve? The choice of accommodation makes me wonder if the agent has shares in the taxi business and gets a percentage from the hotels chosen. I’m sure you will make your opinion about the arrangements known to them, and others, perhaps?

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