yes, the day in Ponte de lima was nice.
It is now all flossied up in the old town and think they may even do a sone e lumiete as there were weird bits on the river bank like a one dimensional row of what looked like Viking soldiers.
however the old town is still lovely and there is not much you can do to an old stone bridge but they do play canned music all the way across the bridge now pedestrian only. little chapel at the end of the bridge was open, about 17 c, full of flowers , I checked they were real, and all beautifully restored. seats about forty….
Found the hotel we stayed at and restaurants we ate at.
had lunch at a skanky place , meat stew a la 1950s….A pilgrim stop so there was table full of Spaniard walkers sitting for ages with a couple who had a beer each…owners were a bit sniffy.
I was not spoken to by the pilgrims as i had no pack plus they were xpanish.
I walked down from the hotel, about forty minutes repeated the exercise on the way back, got lost twice, pissed with rain BUT i now have an umbrella…took an hour and a half to get back…

had a resaonable dinner, steak this time , with chips and rice!!! yes, of course i ate both.
Good nights sleep on my new bedding arrangement, my sheets on top of thier bedding system, makes it softer too.
About 24 ks today as I am going to walk down from the hotel as there is a great coffee shop at the bottom of the hill. hotel coffee is vile.
im walking to a town called rubiaes.
could be interesting as it has rained heacily now for three days, not all the time but when it does, ouch, anyway the route for today says prone to flooding!!!!!