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Widowhood 101

have learnt not to mention that T has not long died as it seems to elicit replies, usually very long , about their sister, brother, mother, father, cat, dog, whatever’s death.

have been pretty busy but it is pouring with rain today so am confined temporarily to barracks.
have done the decks and the fence in town and transplanted various plants from Pahoia to there.
My car’s interior looks like an aged wheelbarrow.However it has done a sterling job of transferring large shrubs, tools etc.
have all the plans drawn up for a new kitchen in town plus painting etc, that will start when I come back in August.
have two lady house sitters, one in town and one at Pahoia.
I realise i would much rather stay at Pahoia but the hi cane issue defeats me every August.

No nibbles on Pahoia but apparently the market is picking up.
I have so far clocked up 420 ks training for the camino. Am going to do the portuguese route, the north route has an altitude change of 4000m, the one i am doing has a change of 2000m, quite enough. have discovered you lose 1 miserable kilo for every 200 ks …
The local free newspaper has done an interview and photo of me, I was probably reported as a derelict by one of the Pahoia locals. With my pack on, filled with tins of baked beans, I don’t look too different from the town derelicts…
getting to know the other end of Pahoia Rd has been interesting. Somedays my walks take ages as i have several chats along the way….
T’s sculptures are gradually being moved, Nik has some, julian has some, one at the moment but the bullet is going to Taranaki.
Since clearing out the garden in town, realised i have space for the canoodling geriatrics, the indian sculpture and one of the waving wand sculptures.
just as well they are heavy, as a small pottery frog has walked from the garden this week. Suspect a certain child…
Not going to endear myself to the neighbour at the back as i am going to put the wand on a garden in the drive access to the rear house, they currently drive over the garden. a big stone sculpture should deter them.
overseas owners are happy with the sculpture being placed there. was going to fill it with identical cobbles but can no longer get the ones to match the drive…

Not a lot else, was going to take some of Ts ashes with me to Spain but cannot bring myself to collect them, seems far too final. I have some of his hair that was snipped off when he had the brain biopsy so shall take some of that instead…
David is going to walk the last week with me by which time i will look like a derelict…
So two weeks today i will be in Hong Kong, then a night in london then straight onto Portugal.
David is collecting my bag from the london hotel so i will be down to tramps gear for portugal…

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  1. Safe journey!

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