After clocking up over 500 ks mainly along Pahoia rd, it was time to leave as I was starting to remove dead birds from the road to a decent resting place in the grass, but a large dead pukeko, one of a family I said G’day to on a regular basis, proved too big and flat to be removed to the side of the road with a pair of walking poles, so left it there.. I also escorted a frog and a praying mantis across the road , giving them gentle nudges with the poles until safety was gained. See time to go, getting far to proprietal about the road.
Did enjoy meeting local people though and having morning chats with people who had lived around Pahoia as long or even longer than I had but had never met.
The kiwi fruit orchards end at the railway lines and a much friendlier group of people live down there as well…Probably healthier too.

I am writing this sitting in the lounge at hong kong, good old Cathay, though it was an Air NZ flight to here.
I fell asleep in the lounge in Ak waiting to board, it was quiet, warm and no jobs lined up to be done so a little nod was in order. Minimal alcohol passed my lips, for which i was truly thankful this am on arrival in HK, felt quite human and had actually slept quite well.
Now have a five hour wait until the long haul to london. will try and stay awake as it will be 8 30 pm when i arrive.

Had a frantically busy but really nice week before i left, even had an article about me in the local freebie paper.
The garden at the new house is coming on and the project after the Camino is to tizzy the new place up so it is worthy of its new garden!!!!
Now just have to get to london, get to the hotel, sort my gear out, get back to the airport and get to Lisbon on Sunday….
Big bag is going to David and i am taking only my pack, which seems damn heavy a t this point as i am also lugging a heavy handbag!!!!!
Gone arey the days of only carry ons….very aware that t is not with me- have to look after my boarding pass!!!!!