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Snakes and no ladders

saw two dead snakes today, one was tiny and dead, about 30cm and thin as a pencil, the other was quite seriously long and was flat as a pancake but considerably wider than a pencil.
must be careful dashing into bushes.
Started out walking at 8.30 at the old expo site, can’ t be doing with walking in town so headed by taxi to what looked a good point to start.
It was, lovely board walk for k’s and only a few runners.
Got a bit lost at one point but only by a few hundred metres then walked all morning in a lovely valley, could have been miles from anywhere except for the planes overhead. lovely wild flowers, horses and a few sheep. Lots of birds, a small wetland ran alongside the path which was very narrow and quite rough in parts with a very dodgy creek to cross, ametre leap with a serious ditch below…
Only saw one cyclist, not sure how he got over the ditch and was frightened to death by two runners coming up behind me. So not overcrowded with walkers..
Lunch time I ventured off the path to a recommended cafe, would have been better with my bananas and mars bars. Damn herrings again this time skin, eyes and all, persevered but shall eat my own stuff from now on…for lunch…
Got horribly lost this pm, could not find the roundabout i was supposed to go under etc etc…called in disgust at a service station and asked for a taxi to be called, could get expensive calling taxis, todays lot was thirty five dollars…I had gone way off and was heading diametrically opposite to where I was meant to be. I am usually good at navigating but this beat me. Hotel is nicer than the last one, even has a pool. I have it looking like a laundry …Quite warm today but a breeze kept it copeable..
Took photos with ts old camera, flowers of course and dead snakes so just imagine them , plus few horses and sheep… walked for six hours and probably only covered about 18 ks..seem to fiddle about a bit, taking photos etc etc…
Tomorrows directions out look horrendous, under here, over there etc etc…


  1. Loving your blog already, keep them coming. Didn’t realise you were doing the walking thingie on your own bat, thought u were to catch up with a similar lot of mad walkers. You are brave ! Thinking of u and will check regularly. Just been out fishing caught three really good snapper so they are still in the harbour. Beautiful weather at present here in the bay. Off on Monday on our boring cruise but no cooking etc for 10 days.

    Look after yourself look forward to some photos.

    Lots of love and best wishes jean and joe x

  2. Sounds far more peaceful than the Tauranga wetlands walk ……but perhaps needs a few signposts??
    Ava & I watered your garden this morn, a few of those wee camellias plus one Snowflake looking terminal but otherwise all happy.

    R x

  3. Hi Margaret – talked with Jackie today….and she said you were writing your blog again.
    We will follow with great interest , and look forward to reading about your wonderful adventure.
    Keep safe, fit and healthy .love J & G
    p.s don’t forget to’ smell the roses’

  4. Catherine and Bernard

    May 2, 2014 at 2:42 am

    Good to see you are safely on your way. We went out and did a couple of hours on the Camino here this am. Lots of French pilgrims. The ‘way’is well marked with yellow arrows here. Have you got them on your one? We felt a bit guilty when people wish us ‘bonne Camino’. Also passed sign that said 795kms to go!! We are enjoying the pinxtos, tapas so have to do some walking.

    When the wine runs out, try the white port, not sweet and lighter than the red stuff. Bonne Camino! ! Love C and B

  5. I guess you aren’t carrying a sat nav? Might have been a useful addition to the rucksack 🙂

  6. greg, i cant even use a cell phone or a compass for that matter!!!! Also, sat navs weigh!!!,

  7. You don’t need to carry a satellite dish to use with the sat nav – a sat nav weighs as much as a mobile phone – but as you can’t even use a mobile I guess it’s all a bit academic 🙂

  8. i can almost use the one inthe car….today looks like a nightmare, even the guide book says limited markings and when they say that well, it means almost non existent…

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