Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures


After 33 hours i finally tottered into the london hotel.
had a long wait in HK so dozed some more.
I think i slept most of the time on and off, catching up I guess.
Went to Ealing Saturday afternoon , Davids suggestion, and it was a good idea. Sort of like Lower Hutt on a saturday, everyone out shopping.
Bought a great fold up light weight wet weather cape for four pound at a charity shop, never been used. Will cover me and my pack and reaches to the top of my boots, easier to put on than a jacket and trousers.
Nothing else fell into my pocket, conscious i have to carry it all for the next six weeks-when has that ever stopped me….
Miss t’s conscientious guarding of passports and boarding passes..forever patting my bag to reassure myself I have everything.
Coldish in London so a pleasant surprise to get to 25c Lisbon. hope it stays around there.
Hotel Ok but location is a real disappointment, like being put in Petone to gain access to Wellington.
This am I realise it is basically for the conference crowd.
London hotel was full of indian nationals, this one just full of nationals….
Am about to go and catch a bus to the old centre, tried yesterday pm but buses were very spasmodic late on a Sunday afternoon.
Found a really interesting local market, mainly craft items , good jewellery and clever art work plus very intricate origami jewellery, tempted but resisted.

So apart from a trot around the old centre and a revisit to the Gilbunkin (?) Art centre, lovely gardens, that is it for today.
Plan on visiting one of the male dominated eateries for dinner.
After two breakfasts of Kippers, which I love, my stomach was in revolt last night so gave it a couple of mandarins and told it to behave which it basically has thanks to a double dose of pills.
Mind you it has had its revenge by gurgling inappropriately and surrounding me with a miasma of foul smelling air also inappropriately, but silent!!!
Nobody looks any happier than me so maybe it is Ok being on ones own!!!!!


  1. Shirley Anderson

    April 28, 2014 at 11:18 pm

    Glad to hear you are on the way! Did try to phone before you left but my timing probably out. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you tramp along the trail, did you really take some of T’s hair??? Some might see that as slightly odd!
    You go girl! Looking forward to hearing about it enroute- will we be able to see any photos on here? Am looking for a mao so I can see where you are going.

  2. well, i could not bring myself to go and get his ashes and i had some hair that was snipped off before they poked around in his brain last year!!!!
    i am ever hopeful that I will manage to get photos on…have you changed your email address?
    start tomorrow and thought I had better look at the guide book and map, nothing seems to agree and i am miles away from the “proper” beginning…. 28 c today….
    lisbon is a lovely city, the museum of course was closed-Monday but the gardens are still lovely…Must come back some day and give it more time, though we stayed nearly a week last time, can’ t remember what we did……

  3. Shirley Anderson

    April 29, 2014 at 5:05 pm

    No, I have two addresses and thought this one might be easier to remember if you end up in some internet café or suchlike without anything to look it up. It’s the one I use for my art work and related activities. I’m rather pleased with it actually!!

  4. Resisting shopping in the market -well done. Obviously the trick is to always carry everything!

  5. Something small bright and shiny fell into my bag in Lsibon the next day, plus bought a new carry all with wheels but seem to have filled that with what I brought with me. Oh yes, and a box of wine and a few bananas and mars bars..well one needs ones lunches and pre dinner drink….

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