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Widowhood !

Is very strange. On the 14th january I walked out of the house a wife and a few hours later returned a widow. Same person, same place, new status.
It is an easier role than divorcee but almost as isolating.
Oddly I cannot dredge up memories of T other than him walking home after a day at the Polytechnic and his poor wee face in death.
All the in between stuff seems to have, for the moment disappeared.
People have written in cards that memories of our life and trips together will sustain me, wish they would, I just cannot find the memories at present.

Already noticing that similar to a divorce,invitations to “do’s” which involve partners , no longer arrive.
Lunches seem to be OK!
I have started walking again, up to 6 k’s every two days.
Plan to walk the Camino del norte around late April.
Had discussed it with T and he was quite touched that I would do it for him.
T’s son, David , will do some of it with me.
Will take about 7 weeks.
Really felt T’s absence yesterday, just mooching about 88, odd not to have him around. So I slept the afternoon away, probably needed it.
Not a lot else, weather is great, but weeds still managing to grow.


  1. Katie Hannam-Williams

    February 1, 2014 at 5:57 pm

    Hey Granny, asked Dougal for your email today but he didn’t end up giving it to me and has gone out, so I thought I’d just leave a little message here.
    Just want you to know I’m thinking of you a lot and hoping you are alright.
    I enjoyed spending time with you, and thank you again for taking me out to the movies!
    Hopefully the replacement weeds aren’t growing too quickly!
    Hope you are okay,
    lots of love from Katie.

  2. Thank you very much Katie. We will catch up again soon for more movies and more weeds!!!!
    Lots of love

  3. You may have already seen this website Margaret, but it seems to give a lot of sensible information and practical advice

    Sounds pretty extreme but very rewarding and worth the effort.

    Glad you’ve found something to focus on and can look forward to, and hopefully we’ll be able to catch up while you’re there xx

  4. This was the original one i planned to do. has an altitudinal change of 4000m. the one i am doing has only(!!!!!) a two thousand metre change….

  5. Elaine Kennedy

    March 30, 2014 at 7:52 am

    Since I don’t have high-speed at home, I have to come in to the Library to use theirs.
    So Sorry to hear about Terry’s death. May the good memories mute the final memories.
    I recently heard a talk from a man that walked the “Way”. May it help you and comfort you.
    I will check more regularly with your website.
    Take care of yourself — you are important to all of us.

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