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Hospice …still

When I went in to see T Saturday morning he was very confused and seemed in more pain.
I checked with the nurse, fine (think you are “fine” until you are carted Away),he didn’t look too damn fine to me.
went in again Sat pm, very droopy,a bit confused, but the nurses were still keen to send him home Monday.
This is aman who cannot move himself up the bed ….
This morning-SundayI went to see him and was really shocked,he looked awful and said he had had a bad night, two asthma attacks for which he was given medication plus ventolin.
I went and asked the nurse what had happened in the night, reply was nothing he was “fine”. I politely suggested that the truth was otherwise… and stamped off.
A nurse finally came and told me he had had a asthma attack and coughed up lots of crap.

The Dr for whom I waited an hour , actually told me there was blood in the crap..and that T would not be coming home tomorrow and probably would not be home again.
I think barring a miracle T may not last this week.
I was really grateful to Mary for sitting with Terry and I during the wait for the Dr and sitting thru the meeting with the dr…

Classic things that have been said during this time-

But you had a shower yesterday….
You still here..
He would have had the fetanyl patch but we had to send out for them
you’ll soon find somebody else.

Suggest you don’t ring Terry unless you want to be upset. He almost managed a call yesterday but he had to concentrate till it hurt. Still lost his way..
Visit, yes but say who you are and what the context is,i.e. Probus..
Oh yes, was there this am when T was showered, actually it was more a pouring on of water… I suggested Tony probably did it better, he was quite certain, Tony won.


  1. Dear Aunty Margaret,
    I am so sorry to hear about Terry, there’s not much that I can say to make you feel any better, but please just know that I am thinking about you both,
    My kindest wishes to you both,

  2. Terry sounded pretty good on Friday morning and I was hoping I would be phoning him up at home this week 🙁

  3. Thanks Sandra, see reply to Christine as well.
    Love Aunty Margaret

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