The Dr’s one…was there one? Not sure…..
T’s brain has settled and looks pretty OK , his chest looks the same as it did pre chemo but no worse so something happened….
The Dr said go home and enjoy Christmas and I will see you in February (sub text? …if you are still alive????)
T now weighs 62 kgs but continues to eat well. He is now cursed though with night sweats…nasty.
He remains good humoured even today when he did a three point landing in the main hospital corridor. Bumped his forehead and skinned both knees. I was busy parking the car and he was tottering down to have his chest and brain scans. I raced into the hospital to see T being wheeled down the corridor by a Dr. I raced after them and discovered T had fallen and luckily been rescued by two Dr’s one of whom wheeled him down the corridor. We were told to be at radiology half an hour early and were 15 minutes late due to being held up at the lab getting a blood test. They had four goes at that…
Eventually, T still in the wheelchair was pushed by me down to the CT area. Five goes at getting a vein they finally managed to get a needle in. T is becoming a pin cushion….

We spent the night in town but as usual scuttled back to 88 asap….
No appointments of any kind tomorrow. Yipppeee

Have an appointment with the hospice Dr on Friday as the medication plan seems to be devloping along very ad hoc lines, a try this and maybe try a bit of this…..