Monday I discovered that the pain in my side was not because of hearty use of a hedge cutter but damn shingles.
Tuesday we discovered that T’d veins go to ground when a needle appears. Five attempts and finally two miserable vials of blood.
Wednesday we discover that the miserable vials showed he was 80 on some scale we neither know nor care about showed he was aneamic- so no chemo but another blasted blood transfusion.
Thursday- bt day, his veins disappeared to the South of France again…after half an hour they finally found one to push blood thru.
We were told off initially for being 30 minutes late, I condidered how to reply then decided truth was best- driver had radiation bowels- no more snarkiness…..
Six hours later Dougal (grandson) and I returned to collect a much better looking TP- he was no longer yellow and waxy but poistively blooming….
Dougal wheeled TP out andf I went and rescued the car and eventually we arrivewd home , 8 hours after departure….
Every day this week we have had a medical adventure(?)