After the Patricks pie which was gobbled with great gusto and after dinner which was also gobbled with great gusto it all turned to custard.
About 9 pm T said he was very cold- put socks on him and a cuddly blanket and he proceeded to maon /groan etc for the night. Two trips to the toilet, his hands hanging on to my shoulders(what a sight), Took two rest stops to get to the loo. About 5 am I had a look at him and reallised he had a temperature, 38.9 ouch!
Phoned the hospice who said take him to your gp…Now the gp does not start till 9 so after thinking about for about 33 seconds I rang the hospice back(ring us anytime is thier mantra- we are here to help!)
Call the ambulance was the advice I was given second time around- different nurse(caller ID???) After a few terse words froom me that was what I did.

They shot him full of morphine and carted him off in the ambulance, suggesting that it was probably an infection. No David, no siren!!!!
It was/is and now he is parked up in hospital. Overnight? Precursor to something worse like pneumonia- no idea.
Will keep you posted….