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Home again

…usual NZ hospital slow to admit slow to discharge…. However retrieved T from hospital on the Friday to deliver him into the clutches of the dentist on his way home, then he gobbled up another Patrick’s Pie. Good sign that, I always knew when I was very poorly when I turned up my nose at a Patricks… Apparently he had neutrophina (sp) which can kill very quickly.
He slept all afternoon and all night but was reasonably bright Saturday and walked around the garden.
His usual day is, get up about 10 am after breakfast in bed, stay up until about 1 pm then doze away the pm or we go somewhere where he dozes away on the way and return, then up for dinner watch some Tv and in bed by 10 pm. He often gets tossed out at the top of our 200metre drive and walks back to the house. Can tell when he feek and weeble when he refuses.
We are in the last throes of settling for the house in town, buying another fridg ets etc..
We plan to camp there from time to time, definitely when the neighbours are spraying their wretched kiwifruit. Copper is the flavour of the month for combating PSA. Bugger the long term effects, they just throw it on. Last night until all hours some noxious insecticide was being sprayed.

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  1. Hi Margaret and Terry
    Stay strong, eat anything you fancy. Good to hear that the radiation has helped with the gait issues. Yes the steroids play havoc with your body, they can amp you up, puff you up and depress your immune system.!!! They should give you a typed up schedule for decreasing the dosage for the steroids. Hang in there.
    Griz went back to work this week-14 months off on medical, I have got used to him being home all the time. Moko will miss him too!
    Julia and Griz

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