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Hi Cane leaf drop plus radiation

Oh what a lovely world we live in!!! Arrived home today to a drive covered in melanoxyn leaves- victims of last weeks hi cane spray by the neighbours. Am now waiting on the local environmental agency to get in touch- fear the next ice age may be on us before then….

T has just had his first 3 doses of radiation at Waikto Hospital, has another seven to go.
he is on a massive load of drugs none of which seem to be doing the trick. Pain is all from the mesol…and suspect the slight addledness is from the massive load of drugs.
The Lodge is just as glorious as ever (!!!!!). Day one we waited for the shuttle to take us up to the hospital, pouring with rain and the shuttle driver phaffed about and get this, I was put in the back seat as I was a carer not a patient- never mind- wait there is more!!!!
As I climbed in he pushed me from behind and said’I am used to getting sheep into trucks”!!!!! I muttered, ‘well you should be used to shutting gates then’ referring to the fact we were getting wet- the indignity of what he had done took awhile to sink in….
I now drive T to the hospital as he nearly had apoplexy about the time it took to load 8 people into a mini bus!!!!
When we arrived we were met by a young radiographer(not sure what they call them now) anyway she told us off because we never had the ‘pink’ form. Told her we had never had one. She then told T he was likely to vomit on a regular basis, I asked for ondestan, ‘oh no ‘ she said, ‘come up to A and E if you are ill.
I then explained the economics of what she was suggesting plus the stress and suggested she get us a prescription for the above drug. She did. And yes, T felt nauseous even with the drug.

We at least have a quiet room this time and yes Joan- we are calling it our time in “The Comedy of errors”, a living dramatic experience.

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  1. Yes, loved the story of why you drive rather than use the shuttle!!!!!

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