We visited the Tauranga oncologist yesterday afternoon and finally have some options.
Option One: Wait for the radiation swelling to settle, should be Ok by end of next week and start on the chemo which was to have been started several weeks ago. Would do an initial two of the anticipated six cycles then have a scan.
Option Two: Ignore the chest and do chemo for the brain. Yes, using temozolomide- not sure who pays… I did quietly mention that we had been told T was too old plus no marker etc, but seems OK with Tauranga to do it.
Option Three: Do nothing.

We have opted for option one as that is where the pain is and T is on so many pills he rattles. Plus the drugs are barely holding the pain.

The threatened side effect from radiation to the head is occurring, T is losing hair all around the radiation area- looks like a demented professor with a tonsure.

Called at the pharmacy to get renewals of prescriptions and told the pharmacist that the drugs seem to be working, he was pleased and said they don’t often get positive feedback.

Not a lot else, just wait some more… We are exhausted with the delays and uncertainty around all this.
The doctor did say that whatever decision we make we could regret it but he was unsure which of option one or two to take but preferred one….

Warmed up here but we are threatened with very heavy rain over the next few days. Just time i hope for us to win that wretched cup and me to mow the lawn before it pours down.