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Death by ineptness

Would you believe it- the sample they took was too small to do the dna test on!!!!!
Can you imagine how we feel!!!!
I said that it all sounded very inept to me, well that went down a treat!!! I was told I was angry, of course I am was my reply, at the situation we find ourselves in due to ineptness… Guess who never said goodbye to me!!!
The guts of it is that T may not even get chemo for his meso, which we had thought was a given… Be patient said the bearer of the bad news, until next week. Let the radiation settle, I did not remind him that I had radiation and chemo concurrently….
I still cannot quite fathom why the meso chemo may not proceed. Bearer of bad news went off into medical mumbo jumbo as opposed to the praxis I would have expected.

We have both decided that death by chocolate would be preferable to ever having to return to Waikato. Gosh B your friend was lucky to have a relative who knew about the situation here. The turkish restaurant was obviously far too conservative with his sampling. T said he heard them say when he was in recovery that the sample was small.

Exceedingly $&!?@ off.
Now another damn week to wait before we get the news re chemo for the lungs.


  1. Didn’t think the “service” could get any worse…..
    Is going private for Terry’s DNA test still an option re quicker test result and start of chemo??

  2. What can you say, wankers.

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