Was so cross about the whole thing I buttonholed a nurse this am and asked advice- she pointed me in the direction of a private oncologist.
$460 later I was somewhat mollified but also outraged anew!!! The dna test should have been done at the same time as the diagnostic test was done, and t should have been on chemo concurrently. Now if he wants it the cost is 1400 a roundbecause it was not done concurrently. Guess why he was not offered it!!!!
It was also suggested that T will/should have chemo for the lungs asap. A few dietary suggestions as well, onions- no problems, tumeric-no problems, curries ditto, root vegies, green vegies, etc etc so it seems diet wise we are doing it right. Throw in a bit of magnesium and manganese and vitamin D and K2 and they should help…. The health shop will love me…..

At the final radiation round the radiographer said T would be called for a follow up, I said ‘don’t bother’.
We were very lucky to get in to the private specialist today but it means we have just got home after another exciting drive across the Kaimais.

Added the vitamins 460 suggested plus half of another unspellable drug, Amtrip ? and guess what, T has had two nights without pain!!!! Now was it the vitamins or the drug – who cares!!!!!