I have just discovered the NZ master plan for getting rid of its ageing population- diagnose a terminal illness and then delay treatment as long as possible. Either the disease will kill them or the resulting stress will….

We have been waiting now for two weeks for the result of T’s dna marker , results needed to determine whether or not it is useful to give him chemo or whether he is left alone after the radiation. That is for his brain, chemo for the meso is a given.
Met with the brain man on Wednesday- two weeks after the request went in for the marker- no result available- I burst into tears and then had to listen to long justifications as to how timely they have been- not from where I am sitting.
He let slip that the test takes 24 hours but they hold them and do them in batches- why were we not offered the option of having the test done privately in the 24 hours.
Just to make life even more exciting T got excruciating constipation(all those drugs) 5 am in the morning on Thursday I pressed the bell for the night supervisor(?!) at the Lodge- this was after I had been down to reception to find her, go to the hospital was her response. Oh so kind (D- here is another 100!!!). Dark and pissing with rain of course- got T in the car roared off to A nd E- 5 hour delay- roared off to the private A and E and T was duly relieved both financially and bowel wise!
Went out for lunch later in the day and returned to find T who I had left safely napping, with the bed skewed across the door and him in dissaray on the bed- had fallen out of bed, could not get back in as the bed base was on wheels and he just skidded across the room. Shit!!!! He finally crawled back in somehow and that was how i found him. Still Joss, Rob and I had a nice lunch!!!!
Phoned the D to see if the DNA marker results had arrived- he was off sick and nobody could get into his computer.
At least he had made a few sensible suggestions about T’s drugs at the abortive meeting re the marker and t got a good nights sleep after his roll across the floor.

Phoned the oncologist here when we got home to get chemo lined up for next week for the meso at least. No way- Dr is away for the week…
T finished the week as usual dimished by a visit to the hospital, Seems to happen everytime he sets foot inside a medical establishment he comes out far worse than when he when he went in. The Parker jury is till out about the efficacy of the radiation. So far it has caused marked deterioration in T’s walking, drags his left foot and needs a stick and of course the aforementioned bowels. Plus he has trouble dressing himself and no longer knows which direction to go in, I get him to follow me, when I put my arm thru his he tries to drag me the way he wants to go. But like a good puppy he can follow…..
Do you get the picture……