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Terry’s Head

… covered in pink hair due to the ?iodine used…
He came through yesterday very well, far better than after the lung biopsy, think a proper pain management plan may have helped!
However trying to get information , simple stuff, like how long will he be in is impossible
Dealing with people for whom English is probably a third language is very trying to say the least. As I do not use a cell phone and visiting hours are strictly enforced I am not there when the Drs make their rounds. I gave the hospital my friend’s number, she received an unintelligible message from a totally indecipherable name which she eventually deduced was from the hospital…Hopeless, I eventually heard the message and garnered that T had survived surgery. This was well after the event. The receptionist and the ward porter are New Zealanders….

Apparently from what a nurse said T can have the chemo for the mesolithemioma now, so that is another battle in process as I try and get a Dr to ring Tauranga to tell them this. The oh so helpful staff (mmmmmmm) were going to get the oncology registrar to ring me at my friend’s place last night, I waited, and waited….He was not available at the time as he was ‘in theatre’….at 6 pm????

So today will be another battle for information…
The ipad is refusing to drag up email so I am not getting any messages, not even from wine companies or cruise companies, so something is not happening.


  1. So sorry to hear about Terry’s condition, just picked up your blogs after having Sue & Andrew here this week, if there is anything we can do just call, we are available. Love to you both, K & J.

  2. Thanks for update. You may be able to get your emails by doing it ‘the old way’ with EOL.
    Use Safari on your ipad and type in the EOL website as if you were in an Internet cafe.

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