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Oh No! You should not have pain!!!!

So how come we have to wait until Friday- today is Wednesday- for an appointment with the Hospice Doctor!!!! T is now under the hospice for pain management but so far not so good.
We realised that T has been in constant pain with his lungs since they did the biopsy on them last OCTOBER!!!! All this time being told on a regular basis that one should not have to suffer pain, as they all prescribed something different.
I phoned the hospice this am and was told to go to my GP as Friday was the first appointment available with the Dr. there.
Duly went to the Dr who prescibed for us the morphine patches that the radiologist in Hamilton suggested yesterday. The Gp suggested that some of the pain is probably due to a nicked nerve and suggested another drug, one I have used as a sleeping pill in the past…The R in Waikato was pretty shocked at the drug regime T was on, old fashioned and ineffective were pretty much his words. He is on;codeine, paracetomol, steroids for the brain swelling, plus oxycontin, no wonder he is a bit addled.
It is quite absurd that everyone is panicking about the brain tumour which causes no pain and ignoring the lung which gives him more and more pain!

The upshot of the visit to Waikato Radiology yesterday is T is to have two weeks of radiation at Waikato- that lodge again! Then, if his dna markers are one of the one in three suitable will have a newish drug- well new to NZ, called tre something which is producing good results.
Won’t know the dna result for a couple of weeks- sigh- more waiting….
We now wait for the Waikato Hospital to let us know when T starts over there…could be next week- who knows. All the while the three months without treatment is being nibbled into….

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  1. I note from googling Terry’s tumour type that (QUOTE) “treatment requires effective teamwork from neurosurgeons, neuro-oncologists, radiation oncologists, physician assistants, social workers, psychologists, and nurses.” The post also notes that “a supportive family environment is helpful”.

    Maybe you should respectfully remind someone in Terry’s treatment team that you are doing your job, so why don’t they??
    (Just a thought)

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