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No chemo for Terry

After 10 days of harrying doctors and hospitals and thinking Terry had had a stroke we finally arrived for his first chemo on Friday 2nd August.
In my harryings the previous week I had made one last phone call to the oncology nurse telling her that I thought T had had a stroke and could someone please please look at him before starting the chemo. I had done the rounds of doctors and the hospital during the last 10 days and got nothing more than mmmmmmm….
We arrived at chemo bright and early and T wobbled in on his stick, yes he was that bad , could only walk with a stick and was wobbly on that. If he had to go left he went right, he laughingly suggested I get him a lead. I didn’t think it was very funny, my sense of humour has taken a pounding.
T nearly missed the scales when they weighed him and had to lean on the wall, the nurse went to find the oncologist.
The O did the usual stroke tests, T’s finger missed his nose by a about 20 cms when using his left hand…
Right, ‘a cat scan today’ , I nearly fell off my perch! Such speed.
We duly had the cat scan and tottered back to oncology.
“I was wrong ‘ says the O,’he has a tumour the size of a fifty cent piece deep in his brain surrounded by swelling’ almost fell of my perch for real this time, T later said he had wondered if that was what was happening. I must say I was surprised as he had worsened over the weak, a stroke is usually a one hit baddie, but I was not expecting a tumour.

They have moved fast, he is going over to Waikato to the Neuro Surgical ward on Tuesday for an MRI then if it is biopseable(is that a word- probably not) they will biopsy it and see if it is metastisized mesothelemioma or a new tumour.
He will then either return to Waikato for radiation or to Dunedin for a one off Radiosurgery. I think we are both plumping for Dunedin as we both have bad memories of the Waikato cancer set up.
He is taking a drug to reduce the swelling and after two days is already walking better but does not venture far from his bed. Has lost 3 kgs.
Chemo is off for now. But yes, the O did get the funding for the better drug, found out on Tuesday on one of our ‘do something’ visits.


  1. Jan & Garry Erin & David

    August 6, 2013 at 6:01 am

    well – Margaret and Terry
    that is news we did not want to hear.
    We had been wondering how T’s health was (and yours) and are amazed at both of your tenacity.

    we will be thinking of you both this coming week and send you all our love
    Jan & Garry and Erin & David

  2. Jan & Garry Erin & David

    August 6, 2013 at 6:02 am

    Dear Margaret and Terry
    that is news we did not want to hear. and had been wondering how both of you were enjoying your overseas trip.

    Now another hurdle to climb and we can feel your urgency in getting Terry immediate professional help

    best wishes and our love
    Jan & Garry and Erin and David

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