That is what I felt like trying to get any information out of Waikato.
Finally all the ducks got into a row but it took some moaning and snarling. Imagine a Jack Russell cornering 3 surgeons and barking non stop and you will get an idea of what went on. T now has an appointment with the O here on Wednesday. Wednesday looks like this; 11.30 T’s clips come out, 12.30 I have a crown done, 3 pm see the oncologist….All it needs in this mix is a headcold and the day will be complete.
T has about 8 metal clips in the back of his head, nestled in his pink hair. He is feeling Ok but a bit battered, I suspect the chest pain has worsened as he now often takes codeine in the middle of the night.
And just to make our day on Friday, when we returned from the hospital we discovered we had been hit, yet again by hi cane, this time a newly flourishing ornamental hedge at the gate had been defoliated. Timing was spot on from the hi cane spray of the previous week. hedge is now useless and will have to be pulled out. EBOP is more concerned about the process of notification than the actual damage. Have just written my yearly letter to the local paper- in response to a sanctimonious letter from the CE of the Kiwifruit growers….
Weather is warming up slowly but have decided that the open fire is a nonsense as we bought a load of wood three weeks ago and have about a weeks worth left- don’t think heating artificially would cost much more than the wood. mind you better than a gym workout lugging the damn wood upstairs!!!! T thinks the heat energy is greater from the wood fire but electricity does not leave a film of dust everywhere either!