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Glioblastoma Multiforme

…is what Terry has as well as the other unspellable disease , mesolithemioma.
The lead surgeon with a name like a Turkish restaurant rang us yesterday morning confirming more than our worst fears actually. All made worse when we received a call from the oncologist asking if we could go in and see him yesterday, a day before the planned appointment.
His comments, ‘this is the worst news you could get, this is very bad’, oh no, they do not try to scare you! Google Edward Kennedy, he died of the same thing.
Anyway, the O will now get in touch with Waikato Hospital and talk to the radiologists there and looks like T will have 6 weeks radiology and chemo then come back and have chemo for the meso. Just maybe the brain chemo mix may help the meso….
Progression if untreated is rapid, three months of fast decline to a vegetative state. With treatment, about 18 months- maybe. The tumour is far too deep to operate.

Joan you will be pleased to know we now both have cell phones- basic ones!!!! Now getting the wretched phone line sorted. Discovered Vodafone help ninnys with ipads too!!!!
T is in good spirits but relies on his stick for stability when walking and is on steroids so his skin his good!

Interesting that the kiwifruit king who lives above us had a brain tumour…..he recovered and carries the damn thing around in a jar!!!!!

Just a message to friends, we are not contagious or malformed and T looks forward to company!

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  1. I am so sad for you both. What dreadful things you are having to face. I hope to get over in the next week, not sure what day yet. Will continue to keep both of you in my prayers, and pray for the miracle of a few more months for you together and able to enjoy each others company and the spring, maybe even the summer. Please email me your cell phone number ( if you know it??!! ). Will see you soon.

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