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Heading says it all, just think of an appropriate four letter word!
We duly set off yesterday morning for Hamilton, me at the wheel as T is well past driving. he nearly put us in the ditch a couple of weeks ago so that was it. He is surprisingly good at being a passenger. Local motorists are now getting extreme road rage but cie la vie!!!!
Arrived in Hamilton at the rquested time of 12 noon and T was duly ensconced in a nice single room.
They hurried and scurried and took blood, inserted lines into his arm and truly they did do this, painted an arrow on the right side of his head where the offending tumour is.

We went thru the drug regime he was on about 4 x, I eventually just left the bag on the bed for any interested participants in this little drama.
Only one asked when did he stop taking the heart aspririn. he hasn’t I replied, oh dear was the response from one of the many multicultural nurses.
Upshot, no biopsy as he was on blood thinners. Nobody had told us. Nobody had sent us any documentation either.

By this time it was 4.30 pm, I was in a fearsome rage and would have savaged anyone at that point. Many apologies were given, we were even asked if we wanted to make a formal complaint, my response was why would we bother!
May get back in on Sunday for Mondays list, depends how many car crashes there are in the Waikato over the weekend. Otherwise it is a week away. I was very vocal about the fact that this is holding up chemo and also allowing the brain tumour to grow bigger. Said Sunday sounded like a damn good option, upshot was very inconclusive, more mmmmmmming.

We went to my friend Shirley’s place for the night and drove home today scattering motorists left right and centre over the Kaimais.

I phoned Tauranga Hospital to see if they could put pressure on, the O we deal with is away on holiday and no Waikato surgeon is going to listen to a minion from Tauranga so no dice there. Needless to say we feel like victims in all of this and have greatly elevated blood pressure.
T is back on the sofa and I am back to carting wood up to keep the place warm, though it was nice today.

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  1. Jan Garry Erin David

    August 9, 2013 at 12:41 am

    Well we came up with 6 letter word…….beginning with b

    Love and thinking good thoughts for yu both

    J g e d

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