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One last frantic week

After the highlight of the opera, we had to do something else sensational…well maybe the Crown Jewels would do the trick.
So bright and early Tuesday morning we were up and out and did not even have to queue for the Tower of London. BUT we were only just ahead of the hordes …New exhibition paid for by De Beers in the Jewel area, lots of smoke and mirrors but well done and finally you reach the jewels, pretty stunning but still cannot work out where the crown Lizzie wears for parliament opening etc, is kept.
So after an hour at the Tower, I was finally allowed to go SHOPPING.
T stayed to walk around all the bits he remembered from childhood.
I raced from place to place, catching tubes and buses like a local. Started at Covent Garden, to buy two clocks T and I had seen two weeks ago, made by the man who sells them and quite cute. Only made one blue with a bus on Regent St that I thought would turn into Oxford St but it didn’t of course so I had a longish walk back to Debenhams where three tops were waiting for my nod of approval, I had already sussed them out but wanted to look in Marks, plus Top Shop,plus a few others. Even got as far as Liberty’s spying a yummy clock there, which is now sitting in a bag in this hotel in Kauala Lumper waiting to get back to Pahoia…Anyway suffice to say I had a great time, wished I could have got back to Russell and Bronnley, a nice shoe shop…All the London shops had sales hence my shopping frenzy.
T actually wildly went and bought two t shirts and a pair of shoes, golly..
Next day I was little shattered so happily waited for Joss and Rob to arrive. They were a bit shattered too so we all tottered up to Tower Bridge then to a pub for a late lunch.
Next day was Thursday and T’s brother Tony was arriving for four days sometime in the pm.
I had seen the Apple shop in Regent St on my Tuesday outing and raced out to get to it plus back to Marks for another scarf I had to have.. What I had thought was the Apple store was actually the Nike Shop-duh!!!! Raced back to the other side of Oxford Circus and finally found it….Got some good advice and they even cleaned the red beast….Joss and I met up again in the afternoon and had coffee and serious vegetarian food at a local cafe, must confess to a muffin crossing my lips…
Cooked dinner…Friday we went to Borough Market with Tony then along to Red Cross cottages where their Grandparents lived, then back home via an art gallery with an exhibition called Brunel’s Swindon. Great paintings by a woman artist, whom we met and whose name I will find when we get home. Bought a print. David arrived about 6.30 pm so it was back to the flat for more food and wine. The local Sainsburys love me….
Saturday I was knackered so the male members of the party all went on the HMS Belfast and had a boy day. I read, washed my hair and had a girl day. Cooked cod for dinner, gosh it is a meaty fish.

Sunday, Tony had a friend coming to meet him at Tower Bridge at 11 am, and as it happened, we all spent the day together which was good as Irene knew her way around London .Liberty’s was the first port of call to buy the clock, wickedly expensive, done by the man who does the plates with Audrey Hepburn on them. Our clock has a swallow on it. Had to get T’s agreement on this as it was above my authorised whim purchase spending level.This has been a three clock holiday, getting them home will be fun
Regent St was the next port of call as it is closed to traffic each Sunday in July, odd walking around Regent St down the middle of the Rd. Bands were about to play and bushes and seats were artfully arranged but we had more to do…
Off to St Annes in Wardour St ! Sobo for the annual fete. We had been to one of these years ago, and here it was, on again. Lots of stalls, with coconut shies, snail racing, Swiss horn blowing etc etc. Plus there was a stall with some gorgeous Indian clothes, David caught me trying on a Punjabi outfit, fab but the woman wanted more than twenty pound for it and T would have gone ballistic at more ‘stuff’. As it happens a scarf found its way into my bag….
Then we raced back by tube to Southark Cathedral for a choral Evensong.
Must confess the singing was not quite St Martins in the Fields standard but a lovely thing to do.
David left and I cooked something unmemorable for dinner, must have been as three days out I cannot recall what it was….

Tony left on Monday from London Bridge Station and T had physio at London Bridge hospital, (cost as much as the clocks, but was non whim spending).After that we raced back to the tube to get to Westminster to catch the 12noon ferry to Hampton Court. Lovely, three hours on the river gently moseying along.
Caught the train back to London. Started the packing and then went out to the local hotel for dinner, seventy five pound for pork and lamb cutlets. Pleasant but bbbbbbbb expensive for what it was.

Up at sparrow fart yesterday for the taxi to Paddington, it is great trip as you go thru central London, say hello to Lizzie in her house, oogle the Dorchester, down Horseguards Parade, a quick squizz at the NZ war memorial, always makes me want to cry…quick trip on the paddington Express, a bubbles in the lounge, a few more on the plane and hey presto here we are in KL . We fly home tomorrow. Weather this last week has been stunning and supposed to go on for at least another
two…..Quite noticeable the increase in the number
of tourists as July began.
We have been to the Bermondsey Antique Market four times and last Friday it was heaving with touroids. Prices had also increased, I was lusting after some bone handled knives and forks, ten pound for six, last week, this week, fifteen pound for six, they stayed on the stall. Can get them at home for forty five dollars without the hassle of the weight, still they, were nice….
We were not supposedly sitting together but somehow we ended up in exactly the seats we wanted, near a loo right at the start of business class upstairs on the damn big plane. Older plane than the one we went over on, no dratted pods so more room…We actually feel almost human.
Just one more battle with the luggage and those wretched clocks and we are home…

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  1. weather has remained stunning in London -super hot today. Barcelona fab!

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