My old friends from Yorkshire days came down on Tuesday and stayed for a couple of nights which was lovely,well luverly as we used to say!!!

The highlight of the stay and mine to date also, was the trip to the Tate Gallery to see the Lowry exhibition. He was a Mancurian who painted gritty  Lancashire industrial landscapes from around 1920 to the early seventies. He stopped painting industrial scenes around  1950and I am not sure if he did much after that time, he died in1975.

He portrayed the harshness of both the lives and the landscape of that place and people at that time.  It was a stunningly well  curated. exhibition and really deserved more than the crowd that was there on the first day. Look him up on Google, you will. recognise his style.

From the Tate we caught a river boat up to Greenwich where we. had a happy afternoon with hundreds of others wandering around the lovely buildings and grounds.

We tottered home from Tower Bridge where  we had been deposited by the river boat. The trip to the Tate was easy, we caught  the C10 bus from outside the flat right to the back of the Tate

An amazing change of both environment and ethnic groups takes place on the bus ride from Bermondsey, well fringe of Bermondsey , through to Pimlico. When we get on. the bus we are in the ethnic minority  and by the time we get off we are in the majority.

The housing stock  changes from Council Flats to Mansion houses albeit converted to flats…

Actually  saw a woman last night on the bus thru Chelsea witha Jimmy Choo handbag, I was filled with handbag envy….This side of the river on the bus it is. all headscarves and island style bandanas, plus shaven heads and baseball caps but worn the right way around…

T went off to a physio Thursday morning, $150. plus but worth it as h ecame back with much less pain inhis shoulder. The. disease is gradually deforming his right side as the lung contracts. This causes him to hunch his shoulder and pain from those muscles gets worse so he needs a physio every now and again to iron him out… He is going again on Monday. Still ahead of the. exhorbitant insurance.

Yesterday pm I was finally allowed a shopping. run inOxford St. O St was heaving people,black, white and. multicoloured.

Many people were. carrying huge  bags with Primark on them. We finally found Primark near Marble Arch, every multicolured person inLondon was inside, including us.

Really cheap but very crowded, we gave up and retreated to Marks and. Spencers with a sidetrip  to Clarks and Ecco.

I oogled Selfridges but T had had enough. We started off late, mid afternoon and by now it was 6.30 pm. We decided to get two buses home but of course by. now it was serious rush time, this was when I saw the Jimmy Choo handbag..

We got off the bus at Victoria where  we knew we could catch the C10 right back to our door..Wewalked around that damnStation for thirty minutes before we found the bus stop, we  actually walked past it twice because it said ‘To Victoria’ we thought it was the wrong stop. We finally asked someone and gratefully tottered off the bus at our door just after  9 pm, stuffed!!!And of course the journey in reverse was white to black.

One thing that struck me as odd when we first arrived was the number of people with smallish wheely bags, you know the. type you take away for the weekend, well we have discovered that trendy people in suits do not want to be seen with bags of shopping, so they pop it in their wheelies instead…

The. flower of choice for decorating foyers, restaurants, anywhere, both here and Russia is the poor old moth orchid,they are. everywhere…

The Globe this pm to see MacBeth, usual gray day…