The first couple of days here were spent in a state of shock due to a variety of reasons, both had slight colds, both very tired-Russian trip was reasonably stenuous, plus just getting here from Moscow was tiring!!

Combined with all of that we were very disappointed in the. condition of the flat we had expensively rented…. Just plain grubby and uncared for. Ten days later we finally have the landlord coming. He keeps delaying the appointment. We have along list for him….

So what have we done, well I have not taken any photos, T has taken a few but they are not on this machine!!!!

We are about five minutes walk from the Tower of London Bridge and have been across it and down into the St Katherine Docks a few times….

We  have had visitors, David, Gill and Ilaria with whom we went to Borough Market, and wandered around Bermondsey area. Went to the Kaffe Fasset exhibition at the Design and Textile Museum. The colours and textures he achieved in fabric are/were amazing.

With Gill’s assistance cooked up an £18, read $36, chicken for dinner.  Well it was quite big and came from some luxury chickenery in Dorset somewhere… It fed  five of us with enough left for T and I.Not that big really!!!!!  Also discovered a pool of grease below the oven, the joys of this flat. just keep coming!!!

At least as I said to Joss, it stops me moaning about the  road noise.

Sunday we went. for a walk along the Tower side of the river, had lunch in a kiwi inspired burger joint, then had the most sickly sticky desserts at a place just down the road from here.  You know the kind, they look fantastic but basically are. all cream with a little bit of. cake….

Next day. we decided that we needed  to get ourselves together and make some theatre bookings.  We used one of the box office booking outfits and booked for,  A Woman in Black, and Relatively Speaking with Felicity Kendal in it.  One was on Monday and the other on Tuesday, both matinees.

Both shows were OK but not that memorable.

We have since been to  The Body Guard, left after Act one, probably too close but we also had  the understudy and she was loud but not subtle…

We have been by bus to Camden, the lock looked nice but Camden is a bit on the wild side….We caught the bus back to the West End quite quickly… Visted Foyles book shop where I bought a few weeks reading material.

Visited TGMax which Jan introduced me to in Ft Lauderdale, need to go back there with time on my. hands and alone!!!!!!

Been to the National Gallery where we visited the Stephen Landy exhibition called Saints Alive, great, huge statues based on various Saints. For example St Jerome is about three metres tall and has half his torso exposed showing all sorts of wheels and pulleys. You press a foot pump, and he belts himself on the chest with a  rock!!! Most un National Gallery.

The  same  day we went to a choral evensong at St Martins in the Fields. Lovely, really enjoyed it and also enjoyed the comments on current political issues by the Reverend….

For instance a report has just come out  about a NHS cover up and he asked for transparency on the process plus he asked for a transparent banking system- good man!!!!

Last night we went to a local dive which was advertising jazz, we  turned up along with some lovely fellas and some luvvies…  Talked to one man, a kiwi married to a Laplander!!! of course.  Anyway he told us about another local market for food, The Ropehouse, just around the corner, we had a breakfast rather like the Sunday  cake, and bought   a a few veggies..

The weather on the whole is crap, overcast and gray andabout 18C… Only decision in the mornings is to whether or not wear socks and  a scarf or whether to just wear our uniform of tevas, jeans, t shirts and denim jackets….

One day it apparently  got to 28C, we never felt it!!!!!

London smokers make life miserable as outside every cafe, every theatre you have to walk thru a wall of ciggy smoke!!!! We have smokers in this block of flats, eight flats in all, two guys smoke up large in the entranceway  and leave their butts all over the place and suspect that despite  the large notice in the entrance  about it being illegal to smoke in the building.  Down below us smoke inside as we can smell it in our flat at times….

We plan to go to Portsmouth one day soon to see the Mary Rose, and probably spent a night in Paris…

Plus we have afew more shows we would like to see….